Your Complete Midterm Elections Guide

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
After the 2016 election, equities rallied sharply and bond yields rose, as investors anticipated fiscal stimulus and looser regulatory policy from the Republican-controlled federal government. While the Presidency is not on the ballot this November, the GOP may lose control of one or both chambers of congress. As shown below, the Democrats need to flip only 24 seats in the House or 2 seats in the Senate to wrest control of one chamber.

The consequences of tomorrow's election could have wide-ranging effects: GOP officials have mentioned the possibility of additional tax cuts if they retain control, though the details are sparse. Alternatively, some commentators have suggested that if Democrats  make gains, they could work together with President Trump to pass a major infrastructure spending package.

Overnight, in reports from both SocGen and Deutsche Bank, analysts review what the polls and betting markets indicate about the likely outcome of the election, what the main i
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