Yea, though I walk…


Psalm 23 (KJV)

 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

We walk through the valley each day and don’t even realize it!


This world…

Why would the Roman Catholic Church be ‘quietly’ preparing for an unprecedented amount of spiritual warfare?

My answer? Because they know what’s really taking place in this world. They are part of the process in bringing forth the Antichrist.

I would say the only parallel events to mirror this would be when the fallen angels slept with women and created the Nephilim and giants roamed this Earth.

How is this a mirror? Because it’s practically the same issues. Only the disembodied spirits we have are increasing due to the veil thinning and then we have the coming fallen angels about to make their reappearance.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a demonologist? Do you believe you have a calling by GOD to help people in this field? This is not something one does for interest, or curiosity.

Are you serious? I mean really serious? Well, you might think twice after I let you in on some facts:

Since I first had The Holy Spirit tell me that I was to do this I’ve had; several surgeries; serious health issues; serious issues with family members; broken hand/wrist; harassment from internet trollers; harassment at work from management and customers; and the list only begins there, my friend.

The difference between me and many others? I don’t believe people are the problem, per say. What do I mean by this?

I don’t believe for one split second that any type of activity spoken of here is caused by a human spirit. They are all demons! The Bible is very specific in the fact that once we die, our spirit moves on.

So, when we get into specifics here about ‘hauntings’…it’s only demonic infestations to me, nothing less.

Secondly, anyone who does this to profit for money is only asking for trouble because not only does GOD know your true intentions, so do demons.

Lastly, any kind of New Age methods used with this work such as a medium, astrologer, etc…are only asking for trouble. Not only will they lead you astray but they are digging a deep hole. One which Satan will use to bury them. Sounds harsh but you can’t ride the fence. GOD calls this LUKEWARM!


What is a poltergeist?

The word poltergeist came from the German language words poltern (“to make sound” and “to rumble”) and Geist (“ghost” and “spirit”), and the term itself translates as “noisy ghost”, “rumble-ghost” or a “loud spirit”.

To me? It’s a spirit. Well, the issue is this…the perspective of this explanation is esoteric. So, I don’t believe in ‘ghosts’…this is a term which I do not use. Any spirit on this Earth is demonic. Period.

How to be a demonologist?

A demonologist is a person who studies the preternatural, which means supernatural. Not only do they study the subject of demons. Demons can shape-shift so the issue of naming all the types of entities is not necessary, as far as I’m concerned. A demon is a demon is a demon.


Demon/Daemon/Daimon: Lesser spirit or god. A devil in Christian mythology. Literal meaning for demon -“Replete with wisdom.” Derived from the Greek “daimon” meaning divine power.

Demonic: Being as or resembling a demon.

Demoniac: A person possessed by demons.

Demonocracy: The demonic hierarchies/governments.

Demonographer: One who studies and records the history and description of demons.

Demonography: The history and description of demons.

Demonolator/Demonolatress: One who practices Demonolatry.

Demonolatry: The worship of demons and/or practicing ritual magick with the aid of entities known as demons.

Demonologist: One who studies and catalogues demons. Also known as a Demonographer.

Demonology: The study and cataloguing of demons.

Demonomancy: Divination by means of demons according to some texts. Literally to raise demons.

What is Demonolatry?

It is quite literally -“the worship of demons.” It is, to the modern demonolator, the practice of calling on elemental or pure energy forces known as Demons to aid in projecting one’s will onto an object or person through use of ritual magick.


When we think of possession, one automatically assumes it’s a person but possession can take place on a piece of land, or building/house.

Objects can be possessed such as a doll, even furniture. It can also be a piece of jewelry…and when someone wears it, the spirit inside possesses them.

Even animals can be possessed. Sadly, animals are easy targets and spirits can and will use them to advance their agenda.

The most common possession is a person. Of course, we’re all possible targets. Yes, all of us.

The true test is to crucify the flesh daily. By that I mean, an ongoing process of submission and resistance. This is a lifelong process. Know it, and remember it.

Thoughts become feelings and emotions which become actions and behaviors which develop into habits then producing strongholds.

Shattering Strongholds – Knowing your enemy is Satan is the key to fighting your enemy. Asking GOD to help you with weaknesses (while their small) and overcoming them through Jesus Christ! Identify, and gain dominance through the power of The Holy Spirit.

Satan is attracted to our weaknesses!


Stages of a Haunting

Stage 1

Stage 1 usually revolves around five basic senses. Cold (or hot) spots, strange noises, odd odors, hearing footsteps, unusual animal activity and the feeling of being watched are common at this time. The odds are very good most people will chalk these experiences up to their imagination and not recall them unless the cycle increases and moves forward. Referred to as a type of senses attack because in the early Cold spots, the activity mainly revolves around the human body’s basic senses.


  • Cold spots Strange noises
  • Odd odors and smells
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Unusual animal activity (dogs/cats running from rooms, etc)
  • Feelings of being watched..

Stage 2

Much of the same activity as stage one may occur with an addition of one or many of the following: Whispers, laughs, giggles, moans or shrieking, moving shadows, breezes in closed areas, base apparitions appear as mist, fog or vapor, strong static electricity, marks on floors or walls that are not writings. Most may still be writing this off as imagination at this point. This level is where the noises and smells begin to turn into something more direct. Everything is still at its basic level but turned up a few notches.

  • Whispers, Laughs or giggles
  • Moans or shrieking
  • Moving shadows
  • Breezes in closed areas
  • Visible clouds (base apparitions)
  • Strong static electricity
  • Marks on floors or walls (Not writings)

Stage 3

Most haunting fall into this category. Up to stage 2, one may have been able to pretend it’s their imagination. At stage 3, is admitting it’s a haunting. At this stage the spirit begins to make it’s presence felt. The difference is, in the first two levels it could be said that it was the mind playing tricks. But now, it’s hard not to notice something real is happening. This is the level that the classic haunting falls into.


  • Lights and other electrical appliances turning on/off
  • Unseen hands grabbing or touching people
  • Writings on walls or pattern markings
  • Doors that open/close or lock/unlock
  • Hearing voices or words clearly
  • Full apparitions or dark figures
  • Showing levels of communication with living people


Stage 4

Advanced activity is now moving toward the danger level. It is picking up a clearer consciousness. Object disappear and reappear, move by themselves or appear to fly, furniture may shake or move, people may be shaken or moved, things may be broken for no reason (mirrors, dishes etc). At this stage is when levitation may occur. This is where an advanced poltergeist begins to gain momentum. Moving closer to the danger level and picking up a clearer consciousness.


  • Flying/moving objects
  • Objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere
  • Shaking furniture
  • Pushing or shaking people
  • Windows, mirrors or other household objects breaking for no reason
  • Levitation


Stage 5

This is the stage when people might be able to be hurt by the tremendous energy being exerted by the evil spirit. Dangerous activities could be noted like; bites, scratches, objects animating, hair pulling, and heavy objects falling. The other events from the earlier stages may or may not have ceased. The people involved may be becoming sleep deprived and terrified. There is no set time frame for any of these stages and it will vary from one case to another. After this stage there is normally a dormant stage and then the cycle would repeat at its own pace, and this activity would no doubt be occur over again. There can be a lot of dangerous activity at this stage.


  • Biting, Slapping or punching
  • Animating objects
  • Use of household electrical systems
  • Hair pulled
  • Heavy objects falling

There are many who believe that there must be an “agent” that feeds the spirit with its energy. This is frequently said to be a teen/child, male or female, or a pregnant woman, menstruating female, a child-like adult or a mentally challenged person.

I don’t believe this “agent” exists! Why? Because some type of activity had to have taken place for demonic presences. If it be some type of negative event on a property, or a generational curse upon someone…or occult practices which invited these so-called guests. Feeding these savage beasts is from fear, also playing deadly games such as a Ouija Board, or Mary Mary, etc. These entities gain energy from many channels…and feeding them only increases the activity. There’s always a reason…and it’s not because your child is turning any specific number! That’s just nuts! In my opinion….that is.

So, at this level the spirit is at its highest energy point and should be considered dangerous, because it wants to hurt people, and it has a great deal of energy.

The time frame here, and for all stages listed, will vary depending on the entity. It could end in days, months or years. After this stage, the spirit may remain dormant and then begin the cycle over again.

This was part one in a series…stay tuned next on how to identify strongholds.

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