World Record Shattered! EV Range – (1,204+) KM @ Highway Speeds – Set on 7/07/2017

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News Story Source:, Eric Lundgren
I hope that someone shows Elon Musk this video! 

We set the World Record driving four (4) days without charging from Bakersfield to The Capital, to Tesla HQ and Apple HQ, IFixIT HQ, and Back.. We attempted to go visit TESLA but they were not having it..

We built this car for Elon Musk, We proved that he was right per 1,000KM being capable in 2017! I hope someone shares this video with him.. He is about to start producing the majority of the worlds Li-Batteries and I NEED TO SPEAK WITH HIM ABOUT HYBRID RECYCLING! We love Tesla and they need to start practice Hybrid Recycling. Their main battery man just left the company "Kurt Kelty" Anyone know how we can get a meeting with Elon? 

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