World Prophecy for Prince William

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A bomb shall hit the Mediterranean

Small chips will give any idiot the gift of telekinesis; with the use of imagination

Rome will see the Holy fall due to an assassination.

The Gay Bomb: Dr. Really Strangelove and How I Learned to Love Saddam


Global banking cabals will be revealed

Nuclear disasters in Colorado will leave secret under-ground dwellings unsealed.


Lands ruled by Kings and Queens will suffer major famines; parts of the United States & Japan will become un-habitable due to milky nuclear raining.


Domestic Wars will destroy Ireland and the UK, with drugs and weapons pouring in, to shadow groups, every other day. The Catholic Church will crumble due to sin; while the United States Government will get infiltrated by religious-political mad-men.


Asia will bend and break to China’s Will and banking cartels will be exposed and then dragged out to be killed.


American & Europeans Traitors will help the Soviet Union rise again; as the American & British Government use bombs to blow off their own shin; the public will be entertained by Of Mice and Men.


Switzerland will fall sick due to radiation, millions will die from bio-weapons accidentally released from a moving space station.

 End Of World Wallpaper | High Definition Wallpaper Collection

The Earth’s crust will sink from unnatural cracks, caused by chemicals that combust and frack

Suffering will be long & slow; cures will be kept hidden, allowing new fatal diseases to grow.

 End of the World - Horror Movies Wallpaper (7213968) - Fanpop fanclubs

A global monetary system will never take place

The Walls of Israel shall fall; An Arab Leader will cause the New World Order to stall.


Geo-engineering will cause the sweetest fruit to turn sour

Major cities will erupt & lose power

World War Three is the hour.

 Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy TarotEnd of the world discount! | THE LOCK


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