World Leaders Gather Around Giant Rotating Pyramid at 2014 Nuclear Security Summit

58 world leaders met at the Hague earlier this week for the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, where they gathered around a large rotating holographic pyramid. How very fitting.

The ‘elite’ dark suits also wore suitably apt golden pyramid lapel pins as they spoke of the distant threat of “nuclear terrorism”, aside from narcissistic Obama, who instead opted to stick with the established stars and stripes pin to help him stand out from the rest of homogenised illuminati pack.

The political puppets were also treated to an ostentatious opening ceremony, which as you can see from the video above, centred around a symbolic illuminated isotope being passed around like an Olympic torch by a trio of trendy dancers.

David Cameron Illuminati

Illuminati Nuclear Security Summit

Illuminati Nuclear Security Summit

Illuminati Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear Security Summit Illuminati Pyramid

Nothing to see here, just some of the world’s most powerful people worshipping the pyramid…

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