World Government, The

World Government, The

In The New Philosophy of Universalism Nicholas Hagger outlined a new philosophy that focuses on the oneness of the universe and humankind, and its applications for many disciplines, including international relations. In this work of political Universalism Hagger presents the long-yearned-for human dream of world government and a World State that would enforce peace. In the hands of conquerors or self-interested elites concerned to loot the Earth’s resources to enrich themselves, this could be disastrous. But in the hands of a philanthropic body of experts and elected representatives this could benefit humankind by legislating to abolish war, famine, disease and poverty. This is an accessible and innovative work of modern statecraft that offers a blueprint for a democratic World State with legal authority to end wars, famines, disease and poverty while monitoring self-interested elites and allowing civilizations and nation-states to continue their development with local, regional autonomy. It can bring prosperity for all humankind from savings and herald a new Golden Age. A challenging philosophical vision of a better future in the tradition of Plato and Kant, this is required reading for all interested in improving the structures of global governance.

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