Winners of the Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Teen USA pageants are all black…

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Cheslie Kryst won the Miss USA crown Thursday, meaning that for the first time three black women are the reigning Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America.

The North Carolina lawyer completed the historic triple Thursday with pageant winners 2019 Miss America Nia Franklin and recently crowned 2019 Miss Teen USA Kaliegh Garris.

'The three young women who have focused their energy on demonstrating how standards of black beauty speak for American standards of beauty are to be commended,' said Thomas DeFrantz, a professor in the Department of African and African American Studies at Duke University.

'These three standard-bearers prove that black beauty is at the heart of a 21st century American ideal,' he added.

Franklin, from New York, won her title in September in Atlantic City, New Jersey, becoming the first woman also to win the Miss America crown without having to don a swimsuit. Garris, from New Haven, Connecticut, won her crown in April, and hopes to becom
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