Will the Illuminati Kill You in 2012? Mothman of West Virginia

 This is my Denouement.  How long has the Illuminati been training to kill you? Predator Drone Attacks were carried out in 1960′s West Va.
Nicolas Duplessis
The Mothman of West Va. was really U.S. Government Drone Operations.
In 1966-1967, in a rural town in West Virginia, (Point Pleasant & Clendenin) which had already been under secret chemical hallucination vapors, the Illuminati which controls the CIA and US Pentagon secretly rolled out the very first attack drones on the domestic population and crafted the skeletons for genocides, that would be blamed on space aliens or “visitors”.
From the wild life reserve, which was a thick wooded area that had been allowed to over grow after WW2, a secret under ground military base was established.  The government released gases and toxins into the air, simply to see how the population would react and after complaints the EPA came in and said that the pollution of the waters were caused by the war igloos which were used to store TNT and other chemicals but they quickly classified the entire event.
Later some people of this small town started reporting that a giant bird was following them and it was called a Mothman, a demon or a genetically altered Crane.  This Mothman would take off from the Wild Life Reserve wooded area and could fly 70 MPH all though it never flapped its wings.
The reason why this Mothman didn’t flap its wings is because it was the first experiments of a military style attack drone.
This drone was designed to look like a giant bird with two red eyes and it isn’t anything new to try and scare an ignorant population being that whites would put on sheets, to look like ghost, to scare away blacks who often still carried the oral traditions and superstitions of Africa after the Civil War.
Sometimes in La. (1980′s) and before Bill Clinton sent oil companies off of private property(only for Obama to bring them back), the oil industry would always try and steal land from the Native American Rural Creole Population so they would have people dress up as a Big Foot like creature, to try and convince people to relocate.  So, this “unexplained mystery” narrative is something that has been used for a very long time in the U.S.
But this rural town in West Virginia wasn’t just used to test drones & chemicals, it was also used to start the very first hostile alien narrative, which didn’t become common until the 1980′s when the fraud New Age Movement was crafted to lay the ground work for the ultimate destruction of the world, set to take place in 2012.
Being that these people in West Virginia, really only knew whites, blacks and native Americans, that tended to either have pale skin through race mixing or were kinda red in color, the CIA brought in people from the Middle East and India, who were strange-looking to Americans, being that prior to 1990 most Americans still really didn’t know what a person from Mid East or India even looked like…trust me….THEY DIDN’T.
They would roll up in these very old car styles that were from the 1940′s cosmetic wise but the cars had the engines of BMW’s, simply to make it look strange.  These agents would then torment the people of this town and pretend like they didn’t know how to use a pen, a phone and a spoon. 
After they had fully convinced the local population that this Mothman was apart of some alien agenda, they started in with the hallucination drugs and actually convinced one man that he was taken to another planet.
This was a very elaborate psychological-operation and it went on for about 2 years, then around Christmas Holidays when the local bridge was packed because people were Christmas Shopping, the US Government, US Pentagon and CIA shot down a supporting cord on the bridge and killed over 45 members of this small rural town and til this day, these people think that it was done by “The Mothman.”
Of course the US Army Corp of Engineers entered and said that it was allegedly due to a 1 inch speck of rust on a screw but from looking at the US Army Corp in New Orleans, the levee systems were not only cracked but in many cracked places they simply stuffed them with old news paper and trash, but yet they expect us to believe that in the mid 1960′s, that they (US Army Corp) had decoded that a 1 inch speck of dust caused this man-made disaster. The US Government has been doing experimentation, alien invasion scams and even murdering its own citizens since the 1960′s through military means aka Sept 11 WTC Attacks and even bombing the US Pentagon, while trying to blame it on a terrorist with a plane.
After the bridge was brought down in West Virginia, magically all of the “alien activity” and reports of some Mothman stopped because it was a “mission accomplished” moment for the CIA and US Pentagon.
  • The chemical and biological experimentations, which the US Government waged against the American People of that region were so strong and went on for so long, that if one attempts to hike the Appalachian Trail, the biggest threat on the Southern Part, before you get into the Mid Atlantic section, is the acid rain.
Even in the late 1980′s the oil companies had drones and while my idiotic father thought that he was taking pictures of UFO’s flying over rural La. (I told him that his poloroid snap shots were a military plane that just happened to make no noise & could hover), when he looks at the photos now, he can clearly see that they were drones.  But it took over 20 years and for the government to start revealing their drone technology for him to believe that he wasn’t photographing UFO’s back in the 80′s.
We have over 12 million species on this planet but less than 1.5 million are documented and there is still a huge archaeological reality that is being hidden, like the existence of Biblical Giants, one of which was buried in my great grandfather’s back yard and even the fact that the first statues built by so called ”Mayans” and “Peruvians” depict the face of Negroid-Jewish African Men (Jews came from Moutains in South Africa) and that even includes the Egyptian Sphinx.
In the late 1980′s and early 1990′s I ran across some papers, that one of my family members, who worked for a multinational company, had lying around and it was a blueprint on how to create Biblical Stones, Dead Sea Scrolls, Mayan Calendars and the papers suggested that a narrative should be floated out to the public about future humans who could time travel and would transport back to our time and leave these supposedly archaeological treasures.  All of this mess that comes out of Israel and Europe and the US regarding The Bible, Hidden Bibles, Sumerian Texts and Mayan Calendars are frauds.
These people are so good and so cleaver, that what we see today is nothing but schemes which they worked out decades earlier.  Nothing is real.  They know nothing. NASA is finding no planets, there is no Mayan Calendar, there is no Jesus, there is no Sumerian Texts, there is no Dead Sea Scroll because 90% of that is a fake and the entire fields of science, anthropology and archaeology are designed to be a psychological-operation. 
Do you really know anything? Are you sure that you know anything about anything? 
In conclusion, the smartest among you are really nothing but a few notches above a cave man.  You don’t know anything but know this and remember that regardless on if you buy the End of the World Mayan Mess, Jesus will return Armageddon mess or alien attack nuclear mess-they do not care. They will still kill you because the agenda must live on.
 Human Head found in Hollywood,Ca.  (Bloody Hollywood Illuminati Ritual?) http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2012/01/human_head_hollywood_sign.php
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Report on drone use by the US Pentagon in the United States of Satan, but of course this report is propaganda and pretends that drones are “new” techonology. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oyyU-c1DAw
United States of Satan to finish burning the last stock pile of its chemical weapons, left over from World War 2, in Utah http://www.nola.com/military/index.ssf/2012/01/us_army_burns_off_final_chemic.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
US Pentagon to roll out more drones over United States of Satan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQFPDrgj2kU
Artificial Intelligence Attack Drones, that do not require the use of dirty & inferior humans, to be used by Navy http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-auto-drone-20120126,0,740306.story
Scientist in the United States of Satan manufacturing killer bird-flu biological weapon http://bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2012/01/21/scientists-pause-research-with-lab-bred-bird-flu/hna3jseL1JkBsLZLkMI0xN/story.html
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