Who Killed Whitney Houston? Death Was On Her & Illuminati Contract Expired.

 By Nicolas Duplessis
A girl with a voice of a song bird & one who started her career with bit parts on the tv sitcom Different Strokes and modeling in teeny bopper magazines.
Some say that Whitney Houston was discovered by Clive Davis in a night club but Whitney Houston was already making a start in Hollywood before Clive Davis.
Even though she grew up in Newark, New Jersey-Whitney Houston wasn’t from the streets as some frivolous entertainment reporters keep trying to say along with talking about Whitney’s tough Jersey persona.  Whitney Houston was anything but tough, in fact she was actually a very weak and scared person.
She sung in the choir and her mother put her in charm school.  She already knew what fame was about because she came from an entertainment family.  So Whitney Houston wasn’t some unknown girl from off the streets.  Her family had connections to Hollywood Agents and Music Executives & Whitney Houston’s rise to fame was well orchestrated and not just some chance encounter with Clive Davis at a bar.
Many young Hollywood Sensations like Janet Jackson and Macaulay Carson Culkin go through a patch where they are caught between the demands of Hollywood and having to move from under the wing of their greedy parents.
Whitney Houston parents were no different. Even when Whitney Houston was on the up & up, her father unleashed a string of law suits trying to not only gain control of her money but he also demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in payments for simply sitting on his ass because Hollywood Stage Parents never want the gravy train to end & they start to view their children as a welfare office. 
We also saw this with Britney Spears, another person who was being preyed upon by the vultures in Hollywood and the vultures in her own family.
A corrupt judge handed Britney’s entire estate over to her alcoholic father after she refused to make good on her Illuminati Contract and they started placing people in her life to secretly slip drugs into her food, making her go out in public and creating the image that Spears was unstable.  Once the Illuminati or CIA (because they both pull these stunts) makes an actor or singer looks unstable in the public and they put you all over TMZ.Com (which is a website funded by the CIA)-they are now free to murder you because they know that the public will simply think that you died of a drug over dose.  These fake drug over doses are from the Illuminati and CIA 101 class.  This is what they do.
When a person enters the music aspect of the entertainment industry, there are certain Illuminati Contracts that one must sign.  In these Illuminati Contracts, it stipulates that there are certain trade off’s that an artist must accept, in order to reach the type of fame that Whitney Houston reached in her career.  Nothing is free in Hollywood.  NOTHING! 
 There are so many talented people but why do some become famous while others simply sing on youtube?
Kanye West used to complain that his contract said that he couldn’t promote or talk about Jesus but once he got really famous, he made a track called Jesus Walks.  And what people may not know, is that in 2009, when Kanye West, was forced to take back his comments about the Bush Administration & racism, it was because he was two seconds away from being killed.  Look at Kanye West in the ABC Interviews around this time and you see sheer panic and fear in his glossed over eyes.  It was the same thing with rapper Ole Dirty Bastard.
Rapper Ole Dirty Bastard says Illuminati & Bush trying to kill him before he died http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gfbyeqxywU
Now Kanye West, is promoting the gay agenda and even flashing Satanic Illuminati hand signs on stage and he is doing this because Kanye West isn’t trying to wake up dead like Whitney Houston in some hotel room in Beverly Hills.
Whitney Houston was really pushing her luck.  She didn’t want to do The Bodyguard because she was fearful that it would obligate her to the Illuminati Hollywood Branch and according to Whitney Houston, she said that between her parents and the Hollywood Illuminati, she may one day end up dead. 
Whitney Houston has always spoke about the Hollywood Illuminati and displayed resentment towards her family.  Houston only lasted so long because Clive Davis was protecting her but you cant protect a demanding diva, who has an Illuminati expiration date.
It was Bobby Brown that wanted Whitney Houston to do The Bodyguard and convinced her to take the role because he said that it would make her larger than life and a legend but Houston didn’t want to be larger than life because she afraid of the Illuminati.
Now it is not uncommon for a husband to push his wife to make a career leap being that Wil Smith pushed Jada Pinket Smith to do the Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy because Wil Smith said that it would be a commercial block buster giving her cross over appeal.
So without Bobby Brown, there would be no Whitney Houston “The Actress” because at the time of The Bodyguard negotiations, Whitney’s parents were trying to destroy her with threats of courts and smear campaigns but the Hollywood Illuminati wanted her for this film.
Whitney Houston was not known to be a great actress and indeed she wasn’t any kind of film actress but yet she was starring in a film opposite Kevin Costner?  This was no accident but something that was being planned.
Before Houston signed onto The Bodyguard she also signed a contract saying that she would promote Lucifer via black dysfunction, drug use and glorify perverted sexual lifestyles.  This is the standard Illuminati Contract that all black musical artist sign, if they are to reach Super Star Status.  You can be famous in Hollywood but to reach International Super Star Status like Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Kanye West or Whitney Houston, you will end up signing one of these contracts.
After Bobby Brown convinced Whitney Houston to join the Hollywood Illuminati and she got mega promotion with The Bodyguard and her sound track, the Illuminati rewards just flowed into their lives.
Next all of these film roles started to pour in.  Whitney Houston was experiencing a fame that very few entertainers will ever have the chance to know but it was still an orchestrated fame and not an organic fame.  It was an Illuminati fame.
Houston tried to back out of the contract and ended up putting a gospel song “Jesus Loves Me” on the flip side of “I Will Always Love You” when it came out as a single at the music stores (when we still had music stores). 
This idiotic girl, clearly didn’t know that one cant escape the Illuminati Contracts which they all sign in Hollywood, if you are to be an A-List anything.  She clearly didn’t know the story about John Lennon or why John Lennon is dead but Paul Mcartney, a man who has no talent, is still walking around and all over the place like he is from the cast of Glee. 
  • Deciding on who lives and who dies in Hollywood, is not a matter of chance or circumstance but it is a matter on who sticks to these hidden contracts and follows their orders.
In the music industry, everyone knows that you can not promote Christianity.  It simply isn’t done.  Lucifer is the lord in Hollywood and everyone knows it!  Kanye West, before he was nearly killed by the Illuminati, used to bitch about this reality constantly and now we see that Jay-Z, the biggest black rapper Illuminati Satanist of all, was asked to take Kanye West under his wing and to make him understand what his objective are or else. OR ELSE!  OR ELSE! OR ELSE!
  • The Illuminati is a reality and to go against them or to not do as you are told means death aka Michael Jackson. 
How does the Illuminati kill you?  Well they make sure that you have all of the drugs that you can have and they get you addicted to drugs (legal or illegal).  Just yesterday, when Obama was flying into Orange County, Ca (where Whitney Houston was living)-a drug plane got busted by Air Force One because it was flying in Obama’s air space.  Who controls these drug planes?  The CIA and Wall Street Illuminati Banking Families.
This drug plane had a shipment of drugs for the Hollywood Illuminati and while the media is saying that this plane only had marijuana on board, it actually had cocaine….LOTS OF COCAINE.
There was so much of cocaine on this plane that was grounded in Long Beach, Ca by Obama’s “people” that two Ice Agents in Long Beach, Ca started shooting at each other, in the Federal Building for screwing up the shipment.  The media will lie to you but I will tell you what really goes down with these people.
100 Million dollars of PCP seized in Culver City (South of Beverly Hills) http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/02/100-million-in-pcp-seized-in-los-angeles-.html
Federal Agents in Long Beach,Ca shoot out at Federal Buidling (after they screwed up the drug shipment) http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-long-beach-shooting-20120217,0,3324042.story
Where does this cocaine go?  It goes to LA Sheriff Lee Baca, Beverly Hills PD, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Bros Studio.
 Next, the moguls at these Hollywood Corps and law enforcement agencies distributes the drugs to what I call The Illuminati Slaves, which are people like Charlie Sheen & Jay-Z.
Once you are in the Illuminati you can have an endless supply of legal and illegal drugs and the Illuminati prefers this because once your expiration date is due, you can be killed and the public assumes that you are dead from drugs.
Bobby Brown was rewarded with an endless supply of drugs for helping to manage Whitney Houston and getting her into an Illuminati Contract.  Now after Houston wanted to back out, she ended up hooked on drugs and then they started tracking her, which led to public drug bust in Hawaii and at airports. 
They even threatened to put members of her family in jail and threatened to throw her cousin (who she called her aunt), Dionne Warwick in a Brazilian jail where she would be gang raped by Brazilian Prison Guards, if Houston didn’t get back in the spot light and help drive the Illuminati agenda. 
Everywhere she went, she was followed just like they did Michael Jackson and just as they started doing to Kanye West a few years back.  Fame and money has a price. You can not wiggle your way out of deals and pacts with the devil.  And Whitney Houston made a pact with the devil.  Even if she sung a song about Jesus, she was still sleeping with Satan…..and she knew it! 
By the time Whitney Houston filmed The Preachers Wife, with Denzel Washington (another Illuminati slave)-she was already strung out on drugs.  Her voice is cracking in the film from smoking crack/cocaine and her complexion is bumpy & muddy. 
There was the M.J. Special and tv interviews & even though she was in the heights of her money and drug use, she was still arrogant enough to put herself on tv because the Illuminati kept arranging the interviews because they needed her to be on record as a mess and drug user, so that when she died-it would be easily dismissed as a drug death.  This is what they do in Hollywood. 
Like I said, everyone in Hollywood that is A-list or really famous, has an Illuminati file and I can look at this file and orchestrated a public and well documented decline or chain of events, which will lead to the untimely death of the celebrity, and it will be done in such a way to where it will not raise suspicion. 
  • In fact, the reason why you have an Illuminati File is so that you can be black mailed or neatly killed when your time is up and to be honest, all of them deserved it.  Nothing in life is free.  You want 100 million dollars and crazy fame, then you need to uphold your end of the deal with Lucifer or else…OR ELSE….OR ELSE….OR ELSE.
If Lucifer doesn’t get you, when you flash those hand signs, and if those three demons dont come to you at night, every night and kill you over and over-then his merchants of chaos in Hollywood will find a way to get you and after you die, the show will go on. 
  • Clive Davis will still throw a party and Hollywood will still dance only a few yards away from your death bed.  No one cares in Hollywood. Everyone is out for themself.  Chaka Khan will still go on CNN and pretend to be hurting, even as she spends the entire interview speaking about her self and how Chaka Khan couldnt eat and Chaka Khan couldnt sleep and Chaka Kahn couldnt do this and that after hearing about Houston’s death.  Toni Braxton will still walk the red carpet at the party and sing songs..because it is all about them.
Next she disappears and tries to hide herself in Ga. State but when the money started drying up, we saw a reality show, that actually showed a sober Bobby Brown but a strung out Houston.  When the reality show aired on Bravo, we saw a level headed Bobby Brown but an out of control Whitney Houston.
  • Ever since Whitney Houston filmed The Preacher’s Wife with Denzel Washington, she was never sober for more than 7 days.  Years and years and years and years of an arrogant diva with money, that didn’t want to be told anything by anyone. 
  • When the Oprah Interview rolled around after her divorce, she already had death upon her. 


  • She was 48 but she looked 60 at the time of her death.  For a black woman to be 48 but look 60, you gotta be one messed up person and carrying the stress of death upon your shoulders.
Death was already lurking around Whitney Houston during that Oprah Interview. 
I know that people wanna run with the narrative that this is a case of a strong black woman, getting mixed up with the wrong man and now she divorced him and will be a strong black woman again but Whitney Houston was never a strong black woman and she was caught up in more mess than people realize.
  1. The Beverly Hills PD and LA Country Sheriff act as the hit men for the Illuminati in Hollywood.  When Mel Gibson wanted his baby mama dead, he went to the LA County Sheriff to handle it but lucky for this Italian Girl, which was being abused by Mel Gibson, that she wasn’t shy and made a lot of noise.
  1. When the Hollywood Church of Scientology wanted to kidnap a 19 year old Latino former cult member who said that he was being illegally jailed and kept in slavery by the Hollywood Scientologist, the Church of Scientology in Hollywood called the LA Country Sheriff Office and Lee Baca to kidnap this kid, which they did, and Lee Baca brought this kid to Century City where he was returned to the Hollywood Church of Scientology.

Illuminati/Scientology Child Slave Camps Exposed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihoRYkhsfCU&feature=g-all-lik&context=G2d6ca03FAAAAAAAAAAA

LA County Sheriffs kidnap a 19 year old kid and delivers him back to LA Area Scientologist, where he claims that he was being held as a slave http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2011/03/daniel_montalvo_scientology_1.php

  1. When a B-List Screen Writer in Beverly Hills wanted to kill a popular Hollywood Publicist (Ronnie Chason) who was worth millions, because the B-List Writer, her brother, was in gambling and money debt to the Beverly Hills Persian Mafia, the Beverly Hills PD teamed up with the LA County Sheriff to not only blame the murder of the publicist on a homeless black man, but the LA County Sheriff and Beverly Hills PD even shot the black man, so that he couldn’t put on a defense in court. 
So, you kinda get where I am coming from?  You kinda understand how things go down in Hollywood and what Hollywood is really about?
Whitney Houston’s drug dealer was at the Beverly Hills Hotel with her.  Now, if you know who her drug dealer is (like I do)-then you know that he was also there but not at the time that she died.
From what I know of Whitney Houston Illuminati Files, she was set to expire (killed) before the age of 50. Death was on her.
By her coming to Hollywood and singing songs about Jesus AFTER she had already tried to ignore her Lucifer Contract or Pact with Satan and AFTER she had already made 100 million dollars because Lucifer was blessing her with film roles and sound tracks to these films?  I dont think so.  They aint having it in Hollywood.
So she sung the song “Jesus used to love me” because she knows what she did.
She was injected with a substance in her butt, she saw the shadow of a needle when she was on her hotel room bed and got paranoid because when she turned around, no one was there. 
She thought her mind was playing tricks on her.  She broke out into a cold sweat, ran the water to the tub as she tried to go on the toilet, she grew weak and thought that she was coming down with a flu or virus because she was sweating so much and when she got into the tub, barely able to walk, she fainted and drowned.  She died a hard death. It was painful. 
She was murdered. Killed by the Illuminati.
Kanye West-”They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won’t get played Huh?”
I tried to warn Whitney Houston 2 weeks  (Feb 5, 2012) before her death. Notice that I had the state of Ca. (location of her death), A Mickey Mouse Hang man( because she lived in Orange County near Disney Land and I knew she would end up dead), pics of corruption by cops in L.A., a photo of Lindsay Lohan (warning her of a drug mix) and I also used one of her videos.  (keep in mind, that the Illuminati speaks and puts everything in code.)
The Song about Jesus that almost got Kanye West killed & the one that Hollywood told him not to record (his pre-Illuminati days) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo24lUMCdvI
Whitney Houston’s fans upset that family is blocking them from viewing the body http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/02/17/whitney-houstons-family-holds-private-viewing-at-whigham-funeral-home/
Whitney Houston GETTING DOWN at Bar During Madonna’s Satanic Halftime Show http://soc.li/con9kHc
Rock, Pop & Hip Hop Songs all use the same demonic incantation “Rain Man” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epGDWlZBCb4&feature=related

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