Whitney Houston’s Death & Southern Black Freemasons in Hollywood. (Oprah, Brandy, Ray-J, Tyler Perry, 50 Cent)

 by Nicolas Duplessis
It was not long after the first break down on Whitney Houston’s Illuminati ties in Hollywood and her Illuminati Contract being exposed that I walked outside on my shady, sleepy street in West Hollywood, & I saw a drawing of an Illuminati Seal out on the side walk meant to intimidate me. 
Being that I am very well schooled in Illuminati Occult Training, I immediately recognized the  circle, divided into four parts with mystical symbols chalked into each of the sections.  Just another day in Hollywood, is exactly what I thought to myself as I headed down the West Hollywood Hills and made my way to Hollywood Blvd.
I received a call from B-List Writer, Larry Cohen, telling me that he wasn’t the one who killed his famous Hollywood Publicist Sister in Beverly Hills, Ca.(He read my last article on Whitney Houston)  I explained that I never said that he killed Ronnie Chason, his sister, but what I maintained is that he was behind her killing due to his gambling debts and being that Ronnie Chason was shot professional style in Beverly Hills, Ca, according to the FBI, for the Beverly Hills PD to link up with Illuminati Hit Man, Sheriff Lee Baca of LA County & all for all of them to pin this Beverly Hills Murder on a homeless black man, was the height of insults, especially being someone from a small, rural Louisiana town that often saw blacks being locked up in jails for murders that everyone in the town knew were committed by whites or the Freemasons.
Then to add insult to injury, Larry Cohen, just released a film “Messages Deleted” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1072754/about people being murdered and the lead actor was hinted as having split personalities while being stalked by an unseen killer.
So, this is how these people in Hollywood work.  One would think that if your sister was murdered in Beverly Hills (and everyone in Beverly Hills knows that this crime is still unsolved even though an innocent black man was shot and blamed by the police)-that the likely suspect wouldn’t also write and produce a film about murders….but they don’t care.  You can not work in Hollywood until you make a blood sacrifice…bottom line.
These people in Hollywood are as possessed by Lucifer as the day is long.   Larry Cohen was the beneficiary of his publicist sister’s estate which was easily worth 20 million dollars and of course he made his blood sacrifice to the Illuminati and now he is writing films that are widely distributed on Netflix.
Ya see my family have been Freemasons for hundreds of years in America. See, I was kinda born into these secret societies, which is why it was very easy to transition from La. State into the most powerful and exclusive branches of a Global Illuminati Industry like Hollywood.  I have seen it all when it comes to the upper echelon of glamour society and their occult lifestyles.
Perhaps the most sinister deceivers are the blacks or African Americans (what ever the term is now a days) being that the image of these people is that they are wholesome, All “Black” American Types, Church Going and God Fearing Simple Folks. 
Yes. The blacks in Hollywood would love for you to think that they are simple folks, who go to Church at any of these Protestant Industry Illuminati Temples, like West Angeles on Crenshaw Blvd and sit in the pulpit as Smokey Robinson sings “His Eye is On the Sparrow” but that’s simply all a front.  Simply singing some gospel songs cant hide the reality of their demonic lifestyles.
Let takes Bobbie Krissy, Whitney Houston’s Daughter. What do we know about Bobbie Krissy?  I know that she had an abortion at 13 years of age, she has been addicted to cocaine since the age of 14, started having sex with a live-in lover at the age of 15 and now she is allegedly engaged to this guy, which the media is reporting as being her play-brother. 
We know that Bobbie Krissy, disappeared for days after her mother’s death but where was she?  Well she was meeting with Clive Davis and other Illuminati arms to discuss her Illuminati Inheritance and was strictly told that if she plays her cards right aka KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, avoids her grand mother and father, Bobby Brown, that she would receive all of the Hollywood Blessings that the Illuminati had to offer in the way of Oprah Interviews and even getting parts in Tyler Perry Films. 
  (Tyler Perry is also a Black Freemason from Louisiana)
Yes, the no talent and non-singing Bobbie Krissy, who even Whitney Houston complained that she wasn’t born with the “Houston Talent DNA” is now basically an A-List Star and black pop culture royalty!  And that’s how the Lucifer Blessings of the Illuminati work after the Illuminati gets that blood sacrifice.
What’s the deal with Ray-J?  I suspect that it was Ray-J who came to my home and drew the Illuminati Seal because I know all about the Norwoods and now I must expose them.
The Norwoods came from Mississippi (right next to La. State for those who don’t know US Geography) and Sonja Norwood, the dominating, attitude having slave driver and matriarch of that family, was already cutting back woods blues deals with the black Freemasons of the South. 
Making an entertainment deal with the devil, through the Freemasons in the Southern US was a very common practice by jazz and blues musicians.  If you listen to old blues artist like Nina Symone aka the High Priestess of Soul, she basically sung about incantations while using a music back drop. 
Half of Nina Symone’s music isn’t anything more than Old Negro Occult Rituals and Incantations that have been set to music.  So, Southern Blacks that are wrapped up into the occult and masons go back a long time.
And this brings me to Brandy Norwood.  Brandy Norwood, for a time, was the most famous and most commercial black actress/singer in the country.  Brandy Norwood had hit albums, hit videos and sometimes she even had two sitcoms coming on television about 50 times a day.  Then she got involved with a nearly married producer, went crazy, did Oprah and fell off the map.  But Why?
Sonja Norwood, her  mother,upon putting Brandy in show business pledged that Brandy would sacrifice her first born. Sacrificing kids to the Illuminati is very common in black Hollywood aka Mike Tyson, Jay-Z and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few.
Sonja didn’t want Brandy to have a dark skin child being that Sonja has that old Southern Negro thing where you drill it into your kids head to find a light skin mate, so that you can have light skin children with “good” hair.  Look at Ray J.  He isnt allowed to date black women per his mother.
What Sonja Norwood did was arrange for Brandy to get pregnant by her daughter’s father, who is someone that looked like Biggie Smalls (black crusty fat and cheezy)!  This child was then supposed to be killed by the Illuminati and this death would allow Brandy to become a huge global film star. 
Brandy was supposed to pick up where Whitney Houston started falling off as far as being a legend of film,music and tv.
We saw Brandy starring as the first black Cinderella with Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston on Made for TV films and we also saw M tv roll out a Brandy reality show that documented her pregnancy because being an unwed and pregnant black women, who basically was having an affair with a dam near married man, was going to be how the Illuminati used the carefully created clean cut image of the black bubble gum princess to destroy the minds of black women in America.
Now Brandy was supposed to have the child at Tarzana Medical Center, located in the Valley of L.A., but she got to the Tarzana Medical Center, she just started crying and throwing a fit.  This girl must have had the spirit of God with her and her unborn child because the Illuminati, set up by Sonja Norwood’s Pact with the Freemasons, was supposed to not only deliver her child but they were also going to sacrifice the child to Satan. 
Brandy started crying and crying and something held her back from going into that medical establishment to set up her delivery.
There’s many cops, doctors, lawyers and professional class people that are also tools of the Illuminati and they will carry out the Illuminati Contracts in Hollywood.  Needless to say, Sonja Norwood never got that blood sacrifice and Brandy’s career dried up and of course Oprah was sent in to craft the narrative. 
So, we then saw Brandy and her mother on an Oprah Interview and Sonja Norwood basically floated out the idea that Brandy was a liar and an “actress” to explain why Brandy went crazy and ended up in a hospital.  Sonja and Oprah said this because the Hollywood Illuminati was so upset that Brandy would speak about the Illuminati that they needed a way to discredit her, and of course they used Oprah.
So, Brandy escaped the Illuminati and while her career isn’t nearly as earth moving as Whitney Houston’s career, she was allowed to live but the Illuminati will not let you escape a sacrifice.  Hollywood needs its blood.
Enters Ray J. Ray J Norwood was basically a snot nose kid that did bit parts in Brandy’s Projects, and lord knows Brandy would have five projects happening all at once.  Then Ray J develops into this stud.  Kim Kardashian started interning for Sonja Norwood as her assistant at Norwood Norwood Entertainment. 
Next Kim Kardashian started sleeping with Ray and Kim Kardashian (a very wealthy girl)-started stealing from Sonja Norwood and they ended up in court, years later.
Next we get the sex tape from Kim and Ray J.  Ray J grew up like Janet Jackson meaning that he never saw any hard times.  Janet Jackson is the youngest Jackson, and while the other siblings grew up in a small house located in the black part of an Indiana town, Janet Jackson came of age in the exclusive neighborhood of Encino, Ca., located in the San Fernando Valley of L.A. 
Ray J also came of age as a wealthy black person due to all of his sister’s money.  Ray J could have any female in the world.  I have seen girls around L.A., Las Vegas and NY, just take off their panties and offer Ray J all the pussy that he could ever want. So, why would Ray J want a faded music/film star like Whitney Houston, who suffered from a drug problem and came with all the baggage of a long tern crack addict?  Why would Ray-J, the stud, want an older woman that basically had only five teeth in her mouth? 
Ray J didn’t want Whitney Houston.  Ray J only wants power and to be an Illuminati Hit Man and drug dealer!
Sonja Norwood made another deal with the Hollywood Illuminati, which stipulated that they would let Brandy and her child live in exchange for Ray J taking out Whitney Houston.
  • Ray J and his “money team” which amounts to nothing but a group of middle class and suburban black dudes that go around Hollywood and pretend to be from Compton or Watts, were allowed to basically move and deal drugs to A-List Hollywood, which is how Ray J got close to Whitney Houston.
Notice that even during the Floyd Mayweather Fight in Las Vegas, Ray J got into a fight with the Brooklyn rapper Fabolous due to 50cent instigating it but Ray J isn’t “street” because Ray J is always tasked with planting himself at these exclusive events ie:boxing matches, award shows and entertainment rituals, and his job is to be a supply person. 
So, yes! Ray J is always at the scene of some hotel mess because this is Ray J’s real job for the Illuminati and he has an immunity and Illuminati protection.
Now what the Illuminati didn’t know is that Ray J is very upper cut, suburban and he couldn’t really handle the hit jobs for the Illuminati.
So, the Illuminati wanted to kill Ray J in Las Vegas last year for the Floyd M. Fight and they called Queen’s rapper 50 Cent to make it happen.  50 Cent is clueless and cant arrange a hit job but Ray J found out because Sonja told him that she thought he may be in danger and Sonja Norwood, the master mind behind that family, yelled at Ray J to take out Whitney Houston before the Hollywood Illuminati kills the entire family and Sonja Norwood said that they had already tried to kill Brandy by drugging her up and making her drive the wrong way on the 101 Freeway. http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/photos-brandy-norwood-car-accident-06-01-2010
Ray J didn’t kill Whitney Houston but he gave her a zombie mix of cocaine that drugged her up enough to make her groggy and the Illuminati that tried to inject her with a substance to stop her heart the night before at the club, once again came into her Beverly Hills Hotel Room and injected her with a substance that doesn’t kill you right away but kicks in a couple of hours later because then no one can trace you to her death being that Whitney was around up and walking, even though she was a Dead Diva Walking before she got into that bath. 
So if someone saw the killer coming from Houston’s Hotel Room they cant say that the person killed Whitney being that she could still talk, walk and move around for a couple of hours.
In conclusion, Whitney Houston didn’t have a chance because the people that she trusted most, including her own daughter, were the same people that were already plotting her death for their own sick and twisted Illuminati benefits.
So, this is the truth about Black Hollywood.  A nasty and Satanic under belly Freemason Cult.

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