Whither France?

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News Story Source: AntiWar.com by Justin Raimondo
In the post-9/11 world, our attention has been fixated on the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Arab states in the north of Africa. More recently, North Korea has been added to the mix, as Kim Jong-un's antics capture the spotlight. And yet the world beyond the Mideast and Eastasia is in turmoil, and the media is taking a break from it obsessive focus on these two regions to notice.

In Europe, the French election has become a referendum on three interconnected issues: immigration, the European Union, and relations with Russia. In combination, these ideological flashpoints boil down to what I said on the subject last year: "The main issue in the world today is globalism versus national sovereignty, and it is playing out in the politics of countries on every continent." As early as 2000, I predicted that the end of Communism would have to mean a political realignment along the lines were are seeing now:

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