White woman, 25, is shot dead by cop during traffic stop after…

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News Story Source: https://www.dailymail.co, By MEGAN SHEETS
A Missouri family is demanding answers after a white woman was shot dead during a traffic stop by an officer she allegedly threatened to shoot – but police say they don't know whether she even had a gun.  

Hannah Fizer, 25, was killed on Saturday night in Sedalia, a city of 21,700 residents about 90 miles southeast of Kansas City.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol, which is investigating the shooting, said an unnamed sheriff's deputy shot Fizer after she claimed she had a gun and threatened to use it on him.  

'The suspect allegedly threatened the deputy by stating she was armed and going to shoot him,' MSHP said in a news release. 'The incident escalated and the deputy discharged his weapon, striking the suspect.'

Fizer's father, John Fizer, said Monday that she never carried a gun and he doesn't believe she became belligerent with the officer. 

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