When There is No Doctor:

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News Story Source: survivaldan101.com
When the SHTF, and it will, there will be enough things to worry about other than staying healthy.  Yet, even in good times we get sick and cut our hands.  A quick trip to your local physician and you are back on track.  So how should we prepare for when times are not so good and there is no doctor or emergency room?

It's important to know what you'll do in times of extreme emergency such as a collapse of society; this is where a disaster preparedness planning comes into play.

When the SHTF and a medical situation does occur, things can go to absolute turmoil very quickly. During a medical situation, the focal point should be on the care of the injured individual.  A medical emergency may happen swiftly, without warning and can be serious enough to cause loss of life.   But most medical situations will arise that are not emergencies when they take place but could become one if not appropriately treated.

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