When Prince William Enters the Southern U.S.-Corporations Call My Cell.

When Prince William Shows up in the Southern U.S.-Shit Be Changing!

Ya know, after Prince William got the money for victims of the BP Oil Disaster, the US Gov and Obama Admin, without even talking to BP, set up the money in a “fund” that mostly benefits BP, lawyers and even call centers in Ohio and Florida. In fact, the lazy know-nothings working in the BP Call Center, under BP’s Big Oil Lawyers have gotten paid more money than victims of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster, including myself. Prince William was still in the military and so I went through the La Senators, Obama Admin and Eric Holder and still the BP Claim Center was a joke.

In fact, there are all sorts of criminal and racist problems on the side of the US Gov and BP Claims. It didn’t help when Obama gave a speech in La., after the Gulf Oil Mess, and used me to write his speech but deleted all mentions of black, native American or creole fishermen but instead only said that the Eastern Europeans Immigrants were affected. This set the entire tone of racism in La. State. First, you get discriminated against because you aren’t fully white, then in lower South East La., you were discriminated against for not being an Eastern European Immigrant and now with more Asians than whites in parts of lower La., a person of color gets discriminated against for not being Asian.

The story of my life. The power structure loves to put one ethnic group over another, for no reason what so ever, but simply based on ethnicity.

Last month, I had to do something called “cooning’ for oysters. It is called “cooning” because often times poor black, creole, native american and even white cajuns didnt get the same government support to work the bayou, like newly arrived immigrants, therefore they couldn’t afford the proper equipment. I mean, one medium size screw to fix a boat can cost over $15.00 at the store and you have to sometimes buy 40 of these screws.

I went “cooning” because you literally have to tie the boat around your waist and drag it while you crawl through the bayou water. I wanted to see for myself if the bayou was safe. Not only are 50% of all oysters in Plaquemines dead or have oil and gunk in the shells but I got an infection due to some of the water getting on my lips. That has never happened before. So, I put a nasty letter to BP and have given phone call on top of phone call to the US Justice Dept and La. Dirty Ass Politicians but never a response, and they know dam good and well who I am.

I went “cooning” in the bayou because I really wanted to feel for oil pollution, and I can tell you right now that it is so polluted that WE WILL START IMPORTING SEAFOOD FROM CHINA, which I suspect was the end game from the jump. Now when these oysters and seafood starts getting imported from China, some how or another the local media will blame me and say that I caused the pollution. See thats how they work. I go to Prince William to get some form of compensation set up, while the La. Gov, Piyush Jindal and Obama, came around talking about putting fishermen in food stamps but some how Prince William and I will get blammed, in these back handed articles that will only hint at who they are talking about, when they do a cover up.

My mother has been calling about a leaking oil pipeline for two years and yet no reply.

But, as soon as word gets out that Prince William is heading to the Southern US, my cell rings off the hook. Everyone from the parish, to oil companies now want to help e resolve all of my problems. Two weeks ago, some attorneys decided that they had found the money, which BP Lost and upon hearing of Prince William coming to visit somewhere in The South, this law office and BP announces payments for anyone who lives in Plaquemines Parish, South of New Orleans. Just like that!

Ya see, they dont know if Prince William will be at my house, why he really came to the Southern US at last minute, while Prince Harry had his party planned for months. They dont know his entire schedule and just the possibility of me briefing Prince William on the going-ons with this corruption, I all of a sudden get ten calls from oil companies acting like I am a VIP and that they were always hear to help me resolve all of my issues.

I tell ya, when Prince William comes around the region, it turns into a whole different world. All of a sudden I need a secretary to help screen all of these good corporate deeds that just keep flying my way. With Prince William everyone benefits because we all know that Prince William is gonna be the saving grace, for not only the Anglo Countries but also all of Europe and he is the only way to places like Africa and Asian.

If you cant see it yet, that is because I haven’t released my comprehensive future intelligent report. It is 100 times above the level of anyone or anything from the intelligence field, it is prepared by me and it only goes to Prince William.

With Prince William I can unleash a Renaissance of tech and progress. Oil, Solar, wind, Google, i-phones, drones, Mars Gear…all just childs play. I know the secrets of rapid advancement. Peace, wealth, health for the Universe can only happen with King William.

Now, lets talk about Prince William eating Nachos. See, last year Prince William was eating like a horse and Kate Middtleton tends to drink like a fish, so she really isnt any help with William’s diet. William’s slacks were getting so tight, that his cock couldn’t even fit into his pants without it getting caught in his zipper.

So, he has been working out and getting a tan, and now ,the Prince William mind game, is to pretend that he can sit around and eat Nachos and Ribs and his leanness just comes so naturally. See, thats the trick he is doing. Trying to make me think that he just takes a nap and 15lbs of weight just drops off of him, as if he still has 20 year old metabolism and trying to pretend that Kate Middleton isnt home, planning her next vacation, over her 8th glass of wine. See, I know this man. William may have ordered some nachos and pulled meat but either he had been watching what he ate all week or someone else ate it for him.


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