What is Google Fi, what are the plans, and why should I buy it?

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News Story Source: Androic Central
If you're an Android enthusiast, you likely know about Google Fi. But that doesn't mean you necessarily know everything about it. And now that the service has opened up to everyone with an unlocked phone, there's a lot to get caught up on. So we're here to give you the high-level view at the carrier option that comes directly from Google. Namely, just what the heck it is, how it works compared to other carriers and maybe a few reasons why you'd want to try it.

How does Google Fi Work?

Does Google Fi support 5G?

Which phones make the most of Fi

What if I need support?

Switching to Google Fi

Google Fi's response to COVID-19

What is Google Fi's network?

At the highest level, Google Fi is a phone carrier operated by Google. In the US, it gives you data service on three mobile networks (T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular), which your phone will intelligently switch between — it also uses Wi-Fi to make calls and send texts wheneve
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