What do YOU mean by Mind Control?

What do YOU mean when you think Mind Control?
I’ve recently been contacted by a few people who say that Mind Control has been used on them. In trying to understand what they are telling me it’s apparent these people each have their own definition of mind control. 
Keep in mind I’m referring only to those people who claim to be victims of mind control. Here’s what I’ve concluded. 
Mind Control = Influence and Persuasion
This falls into the category where conversational patterns are used to influence decisions. Best thought of in terms of NLP and sales skills. 
Mind Control = Coercion
This is abuse from someone who is trying to dominate. This type of mind control consists of lots of guilt, shame, bullying and belittling. It works best on people with low self-esteem and is designed to make them dependent on the abuser. 
Mind Control = Therapy
Used most often by unscrupulous and misguide therapists, priests and counselors. It also includes cults. This type of mind control relies largely on the unconditional trust that is created in the relationship.
Mind Control = Conspiracy
Best identified by paranoia. Just search Youtube using the words “gang stalking”. You’ll find paranoid people video taping the Starbucks employees, and street vendors claiming that they are following them. Granted there are some cults that resort to this type of stalking but it’s rare.
Mind Control = The Media
This meaning of mind control focuses around a basic mistrust of anything presented  by  the media. It claims that all public information has a hidden agenda.
Mind Control = Psychic Thought Control
“I can feel Donald Trump trying to control my mind.” is what one woman told me.
The question is what do YOU mean when you think Mind Control?


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