Welfare Churches Part II By Greg J. Dixon

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Opinion Column by Greg J. Dixon
Welfare Churches Part II  By Greg J. Dixon

In my first article titled Welfare Churches, I used the allegory of the famous Casey in the epic poem Casey at the bat to show that Pres. Trump disappointed many of the pastors and church congregations of America when he struck out as he signed the order giving them, so called, relief from the Johnson Law this past week in the Rose Garden at the White House, surrounded by a string band and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Without repeating I gave several reasons why this is not a permanent fix without Congress eliminating the law which is highly questionable. And even if they do it can be reversed either by the courts or by future elections when a new Congress is elected, especially one which is more liberal or Democratic.

It should be pointed out that in reality it is the pastors that struck out. They are the theologians not the president. He is only giving them what they have asked for. Once again, we see "men of the cloth
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