Weather Manipulation – Operation Sandy

Sandy was not an natural disaster. No,

 it was created by the U. S. Chemtrails 
Air Force and by those
at the highest positions 
in the government who command it.

[Editor’s Note: I am not in a position to endorse or refute these claims, which I present for purposes of discussion.)

by Les Crane
The hurricane and flooding which struck the United States East Coast on October 29th, 2012 was an unprecedented event. It was so unprecedented as to be unbelievable. But it did happen. Sandy caused unimaginable damage to the shores of New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut  and to New York City itself. 
Was  this storm a natural disaster or was it man-made?

Since the founding of New Amsterdam, aka (New York City), 500 years ago, there has never been a storm such as this; with the ocean rising up to cover Lower Manhattan and other low-lying area.

Another peculiar coincidence is that the storm struck the coast exactly at the moment of the full-moon, which was the night of October 29th / 30th, 2012, meaning the tidal effects were at their greatest. (Was this accidental?) 

Add to this, the winds of the hurricane raised the sea level up with a storm-surge which added an additional rise of the sea level to record heights.

New York Port Officials say that the full Moon raised the level of the ocean tide by 5 feet, while the hurricane’s surge raised it by another 9. These two factors, occurring at the same time, combined to created a 14-foot rise in the ocean’s surface which flooded the whole coast.


On a summer’s day, the sun rises and begins to heat the ground and whatever else is on it — plants, oceans, lakes or streams.

This causes moist, heated, air to rise and form clouds.

This warmed air continues to rise until it hits a barrier which is the cooler air above in the stratosphere. One can see the warm and cold air meet because it is the invisible line at the bottom of the clouds. When the surface clouds penetrate into colder air they condense and form the beautiful cumulonimbus white clouds we see on summer days. The moist surface air, rising into the colder stratospheric air has condensed into clouds while the cooler stratospheric layer prevents heated air from rising further.

As the day goes on, the sun goes lower and the moist clouds begin to cool and s the stratospheric cooler air presses down upon the moist clouds. And if these clouds become chilled below their dew point, the result is rain. That is how the weather engine works.

But this is wrong, says the U. S. Chemtrail Air Force. It hates normal weather. Its purpose is to destroy it.

They fly hundreds of old retired commercial aircraft which they have converted into spray-tankers. These tankers carry huge loads of powdered aluminum and boron dust which is sprayed from the highest altitudes they can achieve. The dust is light and it hangs in the air for the rest of the day. What it is does is to reverse the normal workings of the weather machine in order to create drought.
This aluminum and boron dust is abnormally heated by the Sun. Now, when the moisture laden surface  air rises, it does not capped by a normal cold layer of air but, rather, it rises up and up into the artificially heated stratospheric air..  Thus, it cannot form clouds or rain  but must rise, further into the now artificially heated stratosphere. The result is, no rain. The Chemtrail program puts weather-engine into reverse.

Just prior to the Hurricane called Sandy, according to the maps issued by the National Weather Bureau Service, the whole of the United States, from the Sierra Mountains in California to the State of Maine was experiencing a severe drought.

What, or who, could have created this situation? The answer is, it was created by the U. S. Chemtrails Air Force.
During the days just prior to October 29th 2012, the artificially heated stratosphere pushed the colder Jet Stream further North than normal and this, drew tropical air from up from the South Atlantic and when this tropical air collided with colder air over the North Atlantic, it generated the largest hurricane ever known at that latitude. 

Sandy was not an natural disaster. No, it was created; created by the U. S. Chemtrails Air Force and by those at the highest positions in the government who command it. 

The facts indicate this storm was artificial.

First: It occurred far too late in the year; at the end of October. The hurricane season normally ends in August and not later. (Katrina occurred on August 29th 2005.

Second: A storm such as Sandy has never come ashore at New York City in the last 500 years.

Third: This storm was brought ashore at exactly the time of the Full Moon and its resulting high tide to maximize its effect. Was this coincidence? Or was it planned that way? 

© Les Crane  2012


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