WEATHER ANOMALIES: Extreme Earth Changes In Russia – Freak April Blizzard Takes Moscow By Surprise; Unexpected Cyclone And Snowstorm As Summer Nears; Stormy Winds Rages In Siberia Causing Massive Devastation And Deadly Fires?! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

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April 21, 2015 – MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Polar bears at the Moscow Zoo were in heaven, but millions of residents in the Russian capital certainly were not as a snowstorm – yes a snowstorm in the middle of April – brought gasps and groans from city dwellers.

Winter fur coats were hastily unpacked, while those who had been putting off changing their winter tires – probably through laziness – were blessing their good fortune.

Muscovites took to social media to make their feelings known, with sarcasm certainly coming to the fore. Some were questioning that global warming had by-passed Moscow, while others just let pictures do the talking.

Photo: #Moscow , April 20. That’s one heck of a #spring , ya know! #snow #russia #winter #снег #весна…

What Global Warming does about Moscow: snow in April. Is it really global warming? 🙂

The text says: “- Gandalf! – Yes, my friend… – Maybe we’d better go by Metro”

Snow in Moscow.

#winter come bk in #Moscow ! -3! Bloody cold lol 😀 #April #snow #unbelievable

Despite being closer to summer, rather than spring and let alone Winter, Moscow was hit by a weather anomaly. An unexpected cyclone brought a front of cold weather to Central Russia.

Meteorologists say the unseasonal chill is likely to last until the weekend. However, they expect the temperature to return to ‘normal’ at the start of next week.

Building roof blown away in single blast of wind caught on dashcam (VIDEO)

A still from Youtube video

The entire roof of a two-storey building was lifted into the sky with a single gust of wind in Siberia’s, Zabaykalsky Kray. Stormy winds have been raging over the past week, causing massive devastation and deadly fires.

The flying roof episode was caught on the dashcam of a passing car in the city of Chita, in the south east of Siberia. The gust was measured at 24 meters per second (54 miles per hour).

Luckily, the building was uninhabited as it is used to house a taxicab fleet. No injuries or damage were reported, according to the press service of the local emergency ministry department.

WATCH: Wind and wildfire damage in Russia.

The roofless building is now one of more than 1,300 houses destroyed in the region by fire or the elements. The devastating blazes, which have already claimed the lives of over 800 people, have now spread to neighboring Mongolia.

An area of just over 100,000 hectares has been affected, despite around 3,000 fire fighters doing their best to try and tackle the blazes. They have used planes and helicopters to attempt to put out the fires and have managed to save five settlements.

The fire fighters have been trying to use a controlled burning technique, which deliberately burns out a certain part of the forest, to prevent the wildfires from advancing even further. Reports say that settlements in the region are not under any threat from the fires at present. 

Terrifying footage of cars battling through hellish Russian wildfire (VIDEO)

A scary video emerged online of the wildfire in eastern Siberia now trapping residents, as they try to flee in their cars. The blaze surrounds the vehicles and what looks like volcanic ash rains down on them.

The grassland fire in Zabaykalskiy region, Russia, bordering Mongolia, has been raging since March 19, displacing people from over 1,200 dwellings in 20 separate towns and villages. Over the course of the Wednesday night and into early Thursday, the number of dead has doubled from 15 to 30, with nearly 500 people injured.

WATCH: Welcome to the Gates of Hell – Dashcam footage of terrifying wildfire in Russia.

There are a furthre two people missing, according to officials.

The latest reports from the national forestry service indicate that over the space of one night the fire advanced to engulf over 1,500 square kilometers (930 miles), with 140 separate forest fires in progress. By contrast, the figure was half that on Wednesday.

A total of 22 districts in the Zabaykalskiy region have been affected, with some 93 fires there alone affecting natural reserves, according to local authorities.

All emergency situation procedures are still in place.
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