We Don’t Need Daily Press Briefings at the White House

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News Story Source: Ron Paul Institute – Col. W. Patrick Lang
They were not, in my opinion, seeking information from him. No, they were accusing him of not running the executive branch to their satisfaction. It was evident that they considered themselves to be tribunes of the people engaged in limiting the power of the elected president. How this function had accrued to them by signing employment contracts with CNN and other news businesses is unclear to me.

Acosta was allowed by Trump to ask a question and when answered was unsatisfied with the response. He then refused to yield the floor insisting that he would have answers satisfactory to him in an apparently extensive series of questions. Acosta and a number of other members of the press clearly think of Trump as an enemy. Their demeanor speaks volumes when they address him.

In this instance Trump was evidently looking for a confrontation with these people. He set up a press conference for the day after the election when he was fatigued from his electioneering blitz and less in control
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