“We Are In Irrational Exuberance”: Mike Novogratz Warns Stocks Are “Unhinged From Rea

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com, by Tyler Durden
Hot on the heels of his CNBC interview in which he praised both bitcoin and gold, predicting that in a world where central banks are doing nothing but printing money "gold is going to take old highs and keep going", billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Digital founder appeared on Bloomberg TV, where he essentially confirmed what we have been saying for years: that the stock market has become totally "unhinged from reality" as it rises higher due to now relentless central bank intervention, and said that small investors should get out before it crashes.

"We are in irrational exuberance – this is a bubble," he told Bloomberg TV on Friday adding that "the economy is grinding, slowing down, we're lurching in and out of Covid, yet the tech market makes new highs every day. That's a classic speculative bubble."

Echoing what BofA CIO Michael Hartnett said on Friday, when he cautioned that the disconnect between macro and market
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