We Are Educating Our Students to Become the World’s Next Marxists! Nobody Is Safe

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News Story Source: https://thecommonsenseshow.com by Dave Hodges
A Maoist cultural revolution is well underway in America as there is a war being waged for control over the culture of America. The first step in waging this Leftist-inspired war is to gain control of the language. this article will demonstrate that great lengths that several universities are exerting to control the language, and therefore, the thoughts of their students. To a large extent, that war on language has been won by the Marxist Left. The next phase of this cultural takeover centers on the encouragement of "reverse racism" against White college students, 

This article is not "centered" on racism, or more accurately, reverse racism. Racism should be confronted at every turn. However, there is a point, covered in this article in which common sense has clearly left the building and learned hate and University formally engrained prejudice is encouraged and promoted by most of the nation's public universities.  Unfortunately, some you
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