Washington State Police Chief Ousted After Praising Armed Citizens Who Gathered to Block Rioters

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News Story Source: https://needtoknow.news
When Rogers said it was a "festive night of tailgating and celebratory pleasantries," there was an outcry on the Internet from those who support the revolutionaries posing as demonstrators. It is no surprise that the rioters never showed up. Rogers will stay on as a lieutenant and will be reassigned. -GEG

The police chief of Snohomish was replaced on Monday following a week of mounting tension over how he handled a rumored but unrealized threat that antifa activists planned to riot and damage storefronts in the community.

A divide in Snohomish, a city of 10,000 near the Cascade foothills, had come to light early last week as citizens armed with semi-automatic weapons and displaying a Confederate flag gathered in the city's historic downtown.

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