Walmart, UPS and FedEx commit to working more shifts to deal with global supply disruptions…

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News Story Source: Natural News – Mary Villareal
(Natural News) The White House announced Wednesday, Oct. 13, that Walmart, UPS and FedEx are moving to work more shifts to deal with global supply disruptions that have contributed to a surge in inflation. The announcement was made ahead of President Joe Biden's meeting with the heads of those companies to address the supply chain bottlenecks before the Christmas season.

Lower-than-expected Christmas sales could hurt U.S. companies and consequently pose a political risk for Biden.

A fact sheet released by the Biden administration notes that Walmart will "increase its use of night-time hours," projecting that the company could increase throughput by as much as 50 percent in the next several weeks.

UPS says it will use its 24/7 operations "and enhanced data sharing with the ports" around the country to move more containers out of ports. FedEx says it will work to combine an increase in nighttime hours with changes to the trucking and r
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