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One the one hand, I wish our rights were not up for a vote; that I didn't have to worry about someone else being in a position to simply pull a lever (or tap a screen) to take my money – or my liberty – away.

On the other hand, if by voting I can prevent my money or my liberty being taken away – and yours, also – then it seems okay to vote in favor of that.

Of course, you're usually not voting just for that. Hence the uneasiness of libertarians regarding voting.

Which has become a lot like buying a new car – and specifically, buying new car options. Which are plural, usually. The thing you want is bundled with things you may not want. The sunroof is part of a package. If you want that, you've got to buy this and that too.

It's worse with voting, of course, because the package you're stuck with costs more than just money for features you didn't want. It is probably also going to end up costing someone else their
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