Voluntaryist Writing Contest

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Feature Article by Pete Eyre
Voluntaryist Writing Contest

How does autarchy compare to voluntaryism? You may be aware of Robert
LeFevre's preference for the word "autarchy" over "anarchy" or Carl
Watner's preference for the word "voluntaryism" over "anarchy." The fact
is, huge efforts have been made to bend and warp words over time to
favor the status quo. Our attention to these changes and the effect they
have on society are fruitful areas for thoughtful analysis. We invite
you to engage your keyboard for notoriety, self-expression, and

* Subject: Compare and contrast autarchy and voluntaryism.
* Length: 500 – 750 words.
* Qualifications: This contest is open to all, so please share it as
much as you wish.
* Deadline: September 30, 2021
* First Place Prize: $150 paid in cryptocurrency or Federal Reserve
* Runners Up Prize: $20 paid as above if we like your essay enough to
publish it with the winning essay.

Pete Eyre, Shepard t
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