Virginia’s woke 2021 time capsule:

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News Story Source:, By JENNIFER SMITH
A time capsule that has been in the base of the toppled Robert E. Lee Confederate statue in Richmond, Virginia, for 131 years will be replaced today with a metal box filled with woke 2021 artifacts including an expired COVID-vaccine, photos from Stop Asian Hate protests, BLM stickers and a 'Virginia is for Lovers' Pride badge. 

The new capsule contains 39 items that were proposed by residents of the city and selected by a group that included the state's First Lady Pamela Northam. 

Northam, who filled the box up on Tuesday, will put it in the place of the old capsule today – a day after the statue of Lee was brought down and sawed in half in front of a cheering crowd of BLM protesters. 

The old, copper capsule is from 1887 – three years before the statue went up. It is believed to contain a silver dollar and relics from the Civil War including Confederate buttons. 

Crews started looking for it at 8am on Thursday but after four h
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