Virgin Hyperloop explains how passenger pods will travel at 670mph…

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News Story Source:, By DAN AVERY
Virgin Hyperloop's cutting-edge technology can 'comfortably, safely and quietly' shuttle customers along at speeds of up to 670 miles per hour, according to a new promo video from the transportation start-up.

A clip released on Monday explains how passenger pods accelerate through a near-vacuum via electric propulsion, gliding along without actually touching the track thanks to magnetic levitation that limits aerodynamic drag.

According to the promo, the company's proprietary design makes it ten times faster than the fastest mag-lev trains operating today in in Japan, China and South Korea.

'It unveils details on our 'smart vehicle, dumb road' commercial system architecture,' a representative said of the clip, 'including the on-board levitation engines, propulsion engines, and high-power batteries that have never been publicly shown.'

It also sings the praises of the trains as an efficient, economical and sustainab
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