All we have to say about it – (video)

The Open Eye: For those who associate this with Illuminati, consider it stolen, they can’t have it anymore. It is now our awakening.

Michio Kaku: YES, I am more than aware of his stigma, but not every word out of his mouth is incorrect. This is spot on.

Anonymous : It is not a government group, we watched it ‘begin’… we do all we can, for the best cause we can. To be Anonymous is to take nothing for your contribution, let your value be judged in terms of the goals furthered.

Forgiveness gives the forgiven a choice between darkness and light. That may truly be the lord’s work.


“we” is all of us, both as the 0bservers, and as a community. We all help each other, and we share the responsibility for crafting the tomorrow we want to see.

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