Victims Of Brutal CIA Interrogation Win Landmark Ruling To Sue Black Site Psychologists

A court ruling will allow CIA torture victims to sue two psychologists who designed and operated the agency’s brutal interrogation program.

US District Court Judge Justin Quackenbush ruled Friday that Tanzanian Suleiman Abdullah Salim, Libyan Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, and the family of deceased Afghani Gul Rahman have the right to hold individuals accountable for the CIA program that led to their abuse.

Rahman died in CIA custody in 2002 from hypothermia, dehydration and exposure. His family have never been officially notified of his death and have yet to receive his remains.

James Elmer Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen, two CIA-contracted psychologists, are being sued under the Alien Tort Statute for “their commission of torture, cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; non-consensual human experimentation; and war crimes”.

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