Venus Transit of the Sun : 5th & 6th June 2012

On the 5th and 6th of June 2012, the planet Venus will be seen as a black dot gliding across the Sun. This rare astronomical event takes place twice every 8 years for about a period. Transits of Venus occur in pairs 8 years apart, each pair separated from the next by over a century. This week’s transit is followed by the one which occurred on June 8, 2004. The last pair occurred in 1881 and 1889, and the next pair will occur in 2117 and 2125.

 Pavel Smutney, a Planet X researcher from Slovakia has proposed that the conjunction of Venus and the Sun, has a stronger effect on the Earth’s environment than previously suspected. He has looked at the rather rare Venus transits and thinks he has found a correlation with major seismic/volcanic activity. There appears to be a 6 month interlude between the Venus transit and major earthquakes, volcanoes and/or tsunamis.

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In North America the best time will be in the hours before sunset on Tuesday afternoon. In Europe, Africa, and Australia, Venus will be in transit as the sun rises on Wednesday morning (June 6). In most of Asia and across the Pacific Ocean, any time during Wednesday should work.

The first recorded observation of the Venus transit of the Sun was done by a British Priest, Jeremiah Horrocks in 1639. Jeremiah Horrocks was the first who used his observations to measure the Earth to Sun distance, called the Astronomical Unit (AU). The upcoming Transit of Venus on the 5th & 6th of June 2012 will be a life time opportunity for everyone on Earth. In India, on 6th June 2012, transit will commence well before sun rises and one can observe the phenomena on a projected image of the Sun or through approved solar filters supplied by authorized agencies from morning hours to mid morning.

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