Venezuela's Central Bank Will Launch Digital Currency Oct. 1 to "Stabilize the Economy&quot

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News Story Source: Organic Prepper – J G Martinez
I have been home for over two months now, and I have only acquired four banknotes of 500,000 Bolivares each. Finding cash is a pain. I went to see if the bank could unlock my old account. Unfortunately, there is no way, and I will have to open a new one. And wait for God knows how much time for something as simple as an ATM card. The wait can be months in this small town.

Anyway, with those four banknotes, I bought a small plastic bag of fresh sardines. Considering we're over 120km far away from the sea and fuel is scarce, I believe it's an achievement at this price. Enough for dinner and breakfast for our regrettably near-blind cat and me. Kiddo is not a big fan of fish unless there are chips. Maybe he's got some Brit genes here and there.

We have enough resources and skilled people to make this country a decent place to live

Venezuela's disaster with paper money is because of the (extremely uneducated/unwise/inept) politicians trying to avoid one iceberg afte
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