Venezuela: Maduro Denies Military Abandoned Him, Vows to Resist 'Gringo Empire'

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News Story Source:, FRANCES MARTEL
"We have been facing various modes of aggression and coups d'etat like has never happened before in the history of Venezuela," Maduro declared, in a speech flanked by his top military commanders. He blamed "the Venezuelan far right, the Colombian oligarchy from Bogota, and American imperialism" for Guaido's moves to finally replace him.

Guaido became interim president of Venezuela in January after Maduro claimed the position despite not being democratically elected. Maduro has rejected the legislature's appointment of Guaido, refused to leave the presidential palace, and has largely maintained control of the military through his senior henchmen, making it impossible for Guaido to exercise his power as commander in chief.

Guaido announced on Tuesday that he had acquired control of a critical mass of the military, but he needed civilians to support the anti-Maduro troops against their superiors. Maduro rej
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