Vatican Deeply involved in NWO Plot


by Darryl Roskow (

The Vatican is absolutely involved in the NWO plot against humanity — certainly dating back to approximately 1534, when the psychopath Ignacius Loyola founded the Vatican’s Jesuit order (a secret society that preceded the Freemasons). There is evidence to suggest the Vatican , through its Jesuit proxies, was instrumental in setting up Freemasonry in the first place.

The Vatican’s principal goal is to work in tandem with other parts of the international elite (Freemasons, Zionists, Cabalists, UN technocrats, etc) to establish a global scientific dictatorship under the authority of Lucifer.  Many individual members of these groups — particularly those who are not MK-ULTRA’d — are kept in the dark about this ultimate evil goal.

A secondary goal of these Luciferian groups (to include the modern Vatican) is to eradicate all monotheistic opposition.  This includes eradication of Christianity and Islam from the Earth, as these religions stand in the way of global worship of Lucifer (see Albert Pike’s Three World Wars).  The “divide and conquer” methodology of the international elites has obviously worked quite well.

While mainstream Catholics may be sincere in their Christian beliefs, the Vatican is evil and Luciferian to the core , and has been since at least the Council of Trent in 1545 (which condemned Protestant Christians , and reiterated the Vatican’s belief that Protestant Christians are “heretics” who are to have no freedom of speech, no freedom of thought, no freedom of conscience, and no freedom of religion.)


The one thing all the top-level NWO groups have in common is their worship of Lucifer, whether their lower-level members are aware of it or not. This includes a portion of the Vatican’s private army called the Jesuits, who through secret oaths owe their allegiance to one man (specifically the Jesuit General, also known as the “Black Pope”), who fronts the power behind the Pope, and not God.

Starting from blind allegiance to a single man, it is a small step to forcing or coercing high-level Jesuit members to work for evil means.

It should be qualified that this claim of Luciferian aims of the Jesuit Order cannot necessarily be applied categorically — but it certainly applies to approximately top 2% of Jesuits — those who take the “Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow”. This is a blood oath of unflinching loyalty to the Jesuit Order that is remarkably similar to Masonic blood oaths. The Jesuit “Extreme Oath of The Fourth Vow” includes incitement to murder and betrayal, upon receiving orders from a superior, and unflinching loyalty, with ultimate authority residing in the Jesuit-General, also known as the “Black Pope” who is the real power behind the Vatican, and has so been since approximately 1534.

There is nothing Christian or Biblical about the Jesuit oath.  Allegiance is sworn to man, not God.

The pyramid-like power structure of the Vatican’s Jesuit Order mirrors Freemasonry, where a large percentage of members at the lowest levels are ‘useful idiots’, used to deceive the public about the organization’s true purpose, while the smarter and more ruthless members at the higher levels go about their dark work in secret.  In the Jesuit Order, the top of the pyramid is the “Black Pope” — also known as the Jesuit-General.  The Jesuit order appears to work in much of the same way as Freemasonry, with the Jesuit Order’s “Extreme of the Fourth Vow” being analogous to 32nd and 33rd degree Freemasonry.  Only those at the highest levels are informed of these organizations true purpose — to wage war upon humanity in the name of Lucifer.

Many Jesuits are Freemasons as well, and vice-versa.  The parallels are surprising, and there is much overlap between Jesuits and Masons. Similarities also exist between high-level ritual sacrifice in Freemasonry, as well as high-level ritual sacrifice in the Vatican and Jesuit Order — where Luciferian worship is the common thread with all these NWO groups.


(1) Information from Svali (former MK-ULTRA programmer and NWO defector) indicates that there were high-level induction ceremonies and ritual sacrifice held at the Vatican.  This also begs the question of the Vatican’s involvement in not only Luciferian ritual sacrifice, but global MK-ULTRA programs, considering the Vatican/Jesuit historical role in setting up the FBI, OSS, and CIA (not to mention MI6, KGB, etc) in the first place.

SV: (deep breath, voice becomes stressed) “Okay. Um, this isn’t easy to talk about, as you know.

When I was twelve, I was flown over to Germany. And I was at, I’ll call them the German Fathers’ house, over there. And, there was some preparation for a few days, beforehand, and I was told that there would be a very important ceremony. And it was considered a sealing ceremony at that point. And basically I was told a little bit about what I was expected to do during the ceremony.

When we got there, we went through the Vatican. Underneath the Vatican there is a large room that I described to you when we talked before. It has 13 catacomb chambers leading into it. And what they do is as you go down these steps into the room, you can see that it’s circular, so they’re all rounded. They bring out the mummies from the catacombs. And they set them beside each one [each of the 13 catacomb chambers], and they say “That’s the spirit of the Fathers watching over the ceremony.”

During the ceremony, there was a large table in the center of the room. It was on top of this huge golden pentagram [ed note: Luciferian symbol]. They had a [ritual sacrifice] ceremony there.”


Time and history have validated Svali’s testimony as legitimate, with her experiences confirmed and mirrored by many MK-ULTRA survivors, so this claim must be taken very seriously.

(2) Evidence from Alberto Rivera (former high-level Jesuit) speaks of how the Vatican’s Jesuit-General “Black Pope” Arrupe was a Freemason , and that Rivera attended a “black mass” along with Jesuit-General Arrupe that had Freemasonic (really Luciferian) symbolism.

“The higher I went into the Jesuit Order, the more corruption I saw within the institution. I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits in a monastery in the northern part of Spain. When I knelt to kiss the ring of a high official I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold. It was a Masonic symbol! A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it. Everything was falling apart! I found out the Black Pope (the Jesuit General who actually runs the Vatican in Rome), behind the scenes was also a Mason and a member of the communist party in Spain. My head was spinning as I found out the Jesuit General was closely linked to the Illuminati in London. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was a member of the ‘Alumbrados’ which means the enlightened or ‘The Illuminati’.”

-Quote pp536 of Vatican Assassins (2nd Edition 2004), by Eric Jon Phelps. -Original Source: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, pp100-101.

(3) The Vatican (through Jesuit proxies) holds a controlling stake in the two largest U.S. defense contractors — Boeing (#1) and Lockheed-Martin (#2) (ever wonder who is doing the spraying?).  There are no doubt other important defense corporations under Vatican control.  These two corporations likely only scratch the surface.  Again, this begs the question of Vatican involvement in the entire “Dark Sciences” branch of the intelligence and defense communities. Knight of Malta (aka Jesuit) James Jesus Angleton was head of the CIA Counterintelligence for many years. Vatican ownership of top defense contractors, along with deep influence within the CIA, suggests the possibility that the Vatican and its agents are in possession of scientific and intelligence knowledge that is far beyond what the public could ever comprehend.

“The Jesuits are one of the largest stockholders in the American steel company, Republic and National. They are also among the most important owners of the four greatest aircraft manufacturing companies in the U.S., Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtis-Wright.”

-Quote pp525 of Vatican Assassins (2nd Edition 2004), by Eric Jon Phelps. -Original Source: The Vatican Billions (1983) by Avro Manhattan

Note that Douglass later became McDonnell-Douglass, which was acquired by Boeing in 1998 — the same year the covert aerosol spraying program became fully operational.

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(4) The Vatican was instrumental in the rise of Hitler — and ultimately World War II — through multiple mechanisms, but none the most obvious but the Vatican’s Concordat (diplomatic agreement) with the Nazi Reich on July 8th 1933.

“The Concordat brought to the national-socialist government, considered nearly everywhere to be made up of usurpers, if not brigands, the seal of an agreement with the oldest international power (the Vatican). In a way, it was the equivalent of a diploma of international honorability”.

-Quote from pp9 of The Secret History of the Jesuits (1975) by Edmond Paris -Original Source: Le catholicisme politique en Allemagne, Paris 1956, p.231, Ed. du Seuil).

Pope Pius XII knew of both the Vatican’s diplomatic agreement with the Nazis, as well as the atrocities committed by the Nazis, but did absolutely nothing to stop it. The ultimate reason being that the Nazi’s rise to power was part of a long-range international plan by the international Luciferian elites for a second World War (a plot originally exposed in Albert Pike’s 1871 letter to Guiseppe Mazinni). From 1933 through the end of WWII and beyond, the Vatican was on board 100% with the covert ‘internationalist’ aims of WWII, the destruction of Germany, and setting the stage for the phony “Cold War”.

“The existence of such monstrosities (exterminations en masse of ethnic minorities, prisoners and deported civilians) overthrows every standard of good and evil. They defy the dignity of their individual being and society in general to such an extent that we are compelled to denounce those who could have influenced public opinion, be they ordinary civilians or Heads of States.

To keep quiet in the face of such outrages would amount in fact to downright collaboration. It would stimulate the villainy of the criminals, stirring up their cruelty and vanity. But, if every man has the moral duty to react when confronted with such crimes, it is doubly so of the religious societies and their heads, and above all the head of the Catholic Church.

Pius XII never expressed a direct and explicit condemnation of the war of aggression, even less about the unspeakable crimes committed by the Germans or their accomplices during that war.

Pius XII did not keep quiet because he did not know what was happening: he knew of the gravity of the situation from the start, maybe even better than any other head of state in the world…” (pp.12 ss).

-Quote from pp.12 The Secret History of the Jesuits (1975) by Edmond Paris -Original Source: Le silence de Pie XII (1962) by Carlos Falconi

For those who would still claim the Vatican had no guilt in the atrocities of Nazi Germany…

“In July 1933, when the [Vatican] Concordat forced the bishops to swear an oath of allegiance to the Nazi government, the concentration camps were already open… the reading of quotations compiled by Guenter Lewy proves this overwhelmingly. We find in them some crushing evidence from personalities such as Cardinal Faulhaber and the Jesuit Gustav Gundlach.”

-Quote from pp.12 The Secret History of the Jesuits (1975) by Edmond Paris -Original Source:  Quote from Alfred Grosser, professor at Institute of Political Studies at Paris University, referencing the work, The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany (1964) by Guenter Lewy.

There is not even space to mention the “Vatican Ratlines” used to smuggle Nazis to safety in the U.S. and South America at the end of WWII.  Further research is needed to investigate the overlap between the Vatican Ratlines and the OSS’s Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists over to work in the U.S. military-industrial complex.


The Catholic Church, through the Vatican, is on-board with the same Babylonian/Luciferian plot to rule the Earth that has existed for thousands of years.  The Vatican is a large branch of this power often called the ‘Illuminati’ (and not the only branch), though the Vatican rules through the members of their secret society, the Jesuits. Other branches and tentacles of this global power exist, and include Freemasons, Zionists, Cabalists, Illuminati — all are ultimately Luciferians of various stripes and colors.  And they have the same goal, despite their occasional factional infighting.  These are ultimately the same group with common aims for global dictatorship.

The point here is that the ‘Illuminati’ is not a uniform organization.  It is a sprawling interlocking spider web of deceit, a large pyramid containing sub-levels, sections, and branches, made up of people who wear many ‘masks’ (Jewish, Jesuit, Cabalist, Christian) to help muddy the waters and conceal their true aims.  Many of the members of the so-called ‘Illuminati’ are MK-ULTRA, including top scientists, so they are amnesic to their true identities.  Other lesser members are used for nefarious purposes and then liquidated. This has allowed the organization to be very effective at infiltrating of all the leadership positions in important areas of human life.


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