Using 64 watts instead of 10,000 for a solar power cellular base station to connect …

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The power grid in these areas is unreliable, if it exists at all.
There is no wired telecom infrastructure to run the network backbone of the cellular network.
The large distance over poor roads makes site maintenance time consuming and expensive.
There is little local skilled labor to support the site maintenance.

Vanu has addressed all of these challenges with the CompactRAN™ and continues to address it with Vanu's Community Connect. The benefits of the Vanu solution are:

Vanu solution is a compact carrier grade outdoor base station, weighing only 9.6kg. The small form factor allows for simplified mounting on poles and alternative structures, eliminates the need to place equipment on the ground, and greatly simplifies tower construction requirements.

It is built to withstand wind, sand, vandals, and temperatures of 132 ?F, this "network-in-a-box" offers connectivity—and lets the company maintain and upgrade its software—through such media a
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