US Military on High Alert Ahead of Trump's Announcement to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

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The U.S. Military has deployed additional forces throughout the Middle East in advance of President Trump's announcement that the US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem in anticipation of widespread political unrest and even terror attacks.

Three "days of rage" are expected to take place across the region in response to the plan, prompting the U.S. Central Command to brush up on contingency plans and beef up security at American embassies across the Middle East.

Trump's decision "is almost certain to provoke protests and potentially violent skirmishes at and near American government and facilities U.S. nationals own and operate in Israel and the occupied territories, the Middle East as a whole, and beyond," reports The Drive. "The reported U.S. military moves make it clear that they are well aware of this fact."

Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Trump that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel wa
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