Updated Ecocapsule tiny house drops the price, keeps the egg shape

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News Story Source: https://newatlas.com By Adam Williams
The Space by Ecocapsule, as it's officially named, has the same dimensions as the original model, which is 4.67 x 2.2 m (15 x 7.2 ft) and 8.2 sq m (88 sq ft). Its exterior also has the same distinctive white fiberglass shell, which covers a steel frame and polyurethane foam insulation. Access is gained by a small sliding door.

The interior is totally different though. Whereas the original Ecocapsule is envisioned as a micro-home and has a bed, bathroom, and kitchenette, the interior of the Space is more basic and seems better suited for glamping, or as a spare bedroom, office, or similar. As standard, its interior contains just one room with flooring and storage space. Optional extras include a bed, air-conditioning, additional furniture, and a bathroom.

The Space gets power from a 200-W solar panel array mounted on a small telescopic pole that's connected to batteries. The dwelling can also be connected to the grid with a standard RV-style hookup and it has a rainwater c
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