UPDATE 2017-11-27 on Morhpeus Titania, aka Thomas Costanzo, Bitcoin Arrest 4/20 by Federal Agents

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UPDATE 2017-11-27:

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Bitcoin Criminal Case – Postponement Coming – Morpheus Update

11-27-2017 • Pacer Documents

Bitcoin Criminal Case – Postponement Coming A signed order from the judge on November 21st dismisses Counts 1 & 2 of the Superseding Indictment as to BOTH defendants: Thomas Costanzo (Morpheus) and Dr. Peter Steinmetz.

UPDATE 11-24-17:

It's official as of the 22nd, Peter Seinmetz is free.

It's a good Thanksgiving for Peter and still 200 days for Thomas.

(Publisher: This isn't over for Thomas. There are still charges about having 60 various calibers of rounds in a box left by roommate and Not having a Permit for Bitcoin. Listen to the radio show 1st hr today – link below – for details)

SHOW WITH THEO CHINO ON DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE WITH ERNST HANCOCK RADIO SHOW ON NOVEMBER 24, 2017: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/229856-2017-11-24-11-24-17-theo-chino-freedoms-phoe
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