Upcoming Erdogan Meetings with Putin and Trump

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Upcoming Erdogan Meetings with Putin and Trump

by Stephen Lendman

After consolidating dictatorial powers by a manipulated referendum, a process OSCE observers said "fell short" of international standards, citing numerous irregularities, Erdogan will meet with Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Sochi, Russia, followed by a May 16-17 meeting with Trump in Washington.

He's part of the geopolitical landscape problem, not the solution – waging war on Kurds at home and abroad, wanting northern Syria and Iraq annexed, pretending to want conflict resolution.

His belligerence and despotic rule belie his duplicitous rhetoric. According to Turkey's deputy director for Syria policy Mustafa Yurdakul, he and Putin "will discuss, among other issues, the strengthening of the ceasefire regime, the situation with prisoners and issues of mine clearance."

Turkish troops invaded northern Syria last August. Erdogan talks peace while
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