War by deception, the Mossad motto utilized by all secret service agencies, comes in many forms. Here that approach is taken to an all new level. “They”not want you to see Ed Chiarini’s videos. His accounts on Youtube and Vimeo have been taken down. A search of his name brings up dozens of attack videos that attempt to disparage him and debunk his work. 
His YouTube is back up under a account:
Ed Chiarini’s videos are proof that many of the news stories reported by the media are just that ~ stories. And the people involved in these events are actors. 
The implications of his research are huge. If even a fraction of Chiarini’s videos are correct, then the Zionist media has been orchestrating fake news reports on a massive scale, for many years. In fact, at least as far back as the sixties. Some of the events portrayed in the video posted are part of the history of my generation and played a huge part in moving along the agenda desired by the power brokers.
Although I do not agree with every assertion that Chiarini makes, his videos are shocking, compelling, and in some cases undeniably true. He has exposed the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, the Occupy Movement, and even elected officials as frauds.
The Zionists are attempting to silence Mr. Chiarini because they cannot refute his findings, and they are afraid of his growing popularity. According to Chiarini’s website, WellAware1.com, his YouTube channel had nearly 2 million viewers, 10,000 subscribers, and 240 videos at the time his account was suspended.
Despite the enemy’s attempts at censorship, the truth movement has already re-posted most of his work. A web search including his name, or “dallasgoldbug”, the name of his former YouTube channel, will bring up hundreds of his videos. Several of these videos are posted below.
After watching them, you will realize that nothing broadcast by the Zionist media can be trusted.
Ed Chiarini first gained notoriety by exposing the alleged shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona. As you are about to see, that shooting did not take place, it was a staged event ~ a drill. Gabrielle Giffords is a fake! The other victims were fake. Even the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was an actor.

Pay particular attention to the opening interview with the young actor known to my generation as Abbie Hoffman, young Jewish activist and one of the Chicago Seven. He had enormous “street cred” and helped radicalize American politics with many other young Jewish activists who can now be found in different roles today. Listen to his words; he speaks the truth to an unaware and unreceptive audience at the time. Now, you listen and know he speaks the truth. Then, Chiarini exposes him as an actor. AND, no surprise to this writer, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is exposed. She, I have questioned many times, now my doubts have been validated.

The one thing I disagree with is his opinion regarding MK Ultra mind control slaves.  And there, I beg to differ simply because the two systems, that of the media and actors, and that of the MK ultra slaves, could easily work together very nicely. The one thing I disagree with is Chiarini’s beliefs regarding the use of MK Ultra mind control slaves in so many government psy ops.  So, here I beg to differ simply because the two systems, that of the media and actors, and that of the MK ultra slaves, could easily work together very nicely. Check out his site and draw your own conclusions. ~ Wellaware1.com


By Julia Mitchell

Opinion Maker

May11, 2012
Edward L. Chiarini Jr. is the original owner and creator of Wellaware1.com, a website devoted to the exposure of a vast conspiracy at the highest levels of Western governments around the world, with the principle focus at this point being the government of the United States. 
He is better known among many as Dallasgoldbug, the producer of a series of repeatedly censored videos entitled collectively “The Truth Exposed.”  This series of videos reveals and unveils a massive deception on the part of what is generally referred to these days as the 1% that is substantiated by government documents, photographic comparisons, and an enormous amount of audio/visual evidence that speaks for itself.  
As a concept what he has uncovered is the most sinister plan one could ever imagine, but as reality it is the manifestation of all that plagues the world today, and its underlying premise is the contention that we have allowed ourselves to be ushered to the brink of becoming a totalitarian state by a very dark, rapacious, and sinister cabal of people whose ultimate goal is to enslave and control the vast majority of the human race to the benefit of an elite few.  
The public news broadcasts and family photos he found available for public viewing on various facebook pages are more than sufficient to establish the veracity of his claims.
In this series of videos Chiarini conclusively demonstrates that many, if not all, of the widely publicized events that have contributed to shaping the collective psyche of the American population and involve horrific acts committed by various individuals are in fact falsified, and that all of this is done with the purely malicious intention of deceiving the population at large and manipulating our perception as to the true nature of the global community. 
From the kidnapping of Jon Benet Ramsey to the kidnapping of Holly Bobo, and then on to the death of Lacey Peterson and the recent falsified shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, he provides tangible evidence that indicates that none of these events actually occurred, and that many of the same “actors” play different roles in multiple events.  
In addition, Chiarini shows that Giffords herself is in fact merely one of several actors that have infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels.
One organization that falls victim to being exposed as fraudulent in this body of work is the Department of Homeland Security, as Chiarini provides more than sufficient evidence to support the assertion that the individuals overseeing that department are in fact fictitious characters, and that events such as the Giffords “shooting” are in reality nothing more than Dept. of Homeland Security training drills. 
These drills are individually referred to as Full Scale Exercises, or FSE’s, for which sponsoring law enforcement agencies receive grants via taxpayer dollars. To successfully carry out one of these Ex-plans involves the actual planning of the event, submission of the plan to the DHS website portal for scheduling, the occurrence of the event itself, and the subsequent evaluation of said event. 
A summary of the event is the completed and submitted to DHS, and the promised grant of federal money is distributed. These events are then broadcast via the national corporate news media as having actually occurred, and thus the charade continues, as a significant part of the Ex-plan involves ensuring that the general public believes that the event was real. 
And although the falsified events run the gamut from a missing child to false flag terror events, as in the case of the Shoe Bomber, the pattern of behavior following the staging of one of these fictitious events is generally the same.
These falsified events are invariably followed by multiple interviews on the various morning news shows. Those interviews are conducted by numerous hosts and commentators that the general public has been led to believe are legitimately attempting to provide fair, balanced, truthful, and unbiased news coverage, many of whom have well established regular audiences of sizable proportions.
The participants in the charades that are being perpetrated function using falsified personal history profiles that were developed to suit the needs of the specific character they represent, until such time as they are needed to play a different role in a different event, while the silence of the peripheral participants in terms of the truth is guaranteed by the rationale that public knowledge that the events are staged would threaten the believability of any real event. 
The end results of all of this are the initial boost in ratings and profits for the news organizations and the corporations that own them, and then ultimately the substantial profits that go into the pockets of these fictitious characters stemming from the establishment of “non-profit” memorial foundations in honor of the victims, as in the case of the still very much alive Christina Taylor Green, and whose real name happens to be Samantha Sexton. 
These events are carefully calculated to elicit a maximum amount of public attention, sympathy, horror, and fear, and one can imagine that the profits that are generated via such avenues as facebook pages, websites, book deals, and sometimes even movie deals as a result of the emotional state of the buying public would be quite substantial.
In addition to falsifying crimes as horrific as the ones mentioned above, Chiarini also exposes these individuals for their participation in the falsification of stories surrounding actual events.  For example, the prepared stories that were filmed throughout the day on 9/11 are indicative of a foreknowledge of what was planned and occurred on that fateful day. 
ED: A very public example of this could be, the infamous 911 BBC slipup in which the broadcaster is standing right in front of Building 7, describing the horrors of its collapse, while the building stands tall in the background. This was 25 minutes before the actual event. 
He also provides incontrovertible video evidence to support his contention that the clashes occurring between Occupy Wall Street protestors and the police in which the police appear to be assaulting the protestors for no reason as well as throwing out canisters of tear gas are in reality pre-planned, staged events, although the ordinary people showing up to participate in those protests remain oblivious to that fact. 
Meanwhile the corporate media continues to report them as factual evidence, as does the alternative media, which increasingly appears to be complicit in this massive deception. 
However, as heinous as all of this is, it is the underlying reason behind all of it that is the most disturbing.
Over the last couple of decades the American population and, indeed, much of the world, has been inundated with an almost constant barrage of propaganda designed to instill a fear of the world at large into the average citizen.
If we are to believe what we are told, danger and possible catastrophe lurks around every corner even when we are confined to the privacy of our own homes, and the world is full of people with the potential and even the desire to do as much harm to their fellow human beings as possible. 
Meanwhile, the U.S. government, for example, has engaged in a process of passing legislation that has systematically destroyed the Constitution of this country, and the grounds used to justify their actions constitute these very same fabricated events. 
This exposure of falsified events during the Occupied Movement must not be missed.

Chiarini’s work is quickly exposing the entire fabric of the matrix that we live in, and all the evidence he provides indicates that there is a concerted effort to convince the population at large that there has been such a progressive downward spiral of society in terms of its moral foundation and social construction that it has rendered us unable to function amongst one another as free and independent human beings. 

This fear of “the other” that has been cultivated engenders a disposition that is more willing to accept the implementation of laws specifically designed in reality to chip away at the rule of law and further erode the inalienable rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution.
The situations they are fabricating and the fear and tension those falsified events create within society ultimately alter public opinion in favor of various moral, social, legislative, and global initiatives, none of which appear to be designed to serve the good of humanity as a whole. 

Chiarini’s evidence proves conclusively that the current trend among many popular public figures such as Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell in terms of attempting to incite civil unrest and turn various factions of the population against such entities as the police and military is firmly rooted in this much larger plan.  

And that plan is and has been for a very long time initiated and implemented by and on behalf of a very elite few, the majority of whom are past and current occupants of positions of enormous power within the governments and corporations of the Western world.  
In terms of domestic terrorism as it is currently defined by the legislative branch of the United States federal government, these events are the collective manifestation of all that it entails. 
It is an utterly diabolical plan of attack against the many on the part of a few, and it is insidious in its intentions and pernicious in its consequences.  
And all indications are that it is a global phenomenon.  
Whether or not we continue to take the proverbial bait remains to be seen.
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