Unity And Mystery

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Here again are essays from A Lodging of Wayfaring Men that I later removed. As before, I'd write them a bit differently 20 years later, but I think they are meaningful nonetheless.

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The Unity Ideal

It seems that almost every political or religious philosophy holds to what I call the Unity Ideal. This is the idea that if we could all just be completely unified, every problem would wither away, all our needs would be met, untapped power would spring into action… or something along these lines.

It is false.

Certainly this is an old, old myth, and there are stories supporting it in most of the holy books and national myths. But it is not true. The unity ideal is a spiritualized dream of getting something for nothing.

Unity is a false god. An idol.

The Unity ideal is infantile and needy. People who embrace it hope to cover their personal deficits – without having to face those deficits – either by magic or at the expense of the colle
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