Underground Bases: Nick Redfern Uncovers Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About

Roswell Hangar, Copyright Nick Redfern

Best-selling author, lecturer, and journalist Nick Redfern is world-famous for ripping the lid off unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories. 

His latest book, Keep Out! Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About, is a study of worldwide secret government and military installations such as the United States’ Area 51, Hangar 18, the Dulce, New Mexico underground base, and the HAARP facility in Alaska; Royal Air Force Rudloe Manor in England; China’s secret Sanya installation; Australia’s Pine Gap; Russia’s very own Area 51; and even claims that there is a secret base on the far side of the Moon. 

The book details groundbreaking testimony and official documentation that reveals the involvement of the above installations (and many more) in such areas as UFO investigations, the War on Terror, the 2012 controversy, biological warfare and exotic virus research, secret aircraft, alien autopsies, controlling and manipulating the weather, and fringe research into teleportation and invisibility. 

Nick Redfern writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, the worlds of the supernatural and the paranormal, and government conspiracies and cover-ups.

He is a regular contributor to New Dawn magazine, and his previous books include Contactees; Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; Final Events; On the Trail of the Saucer Spies; Three Men Seeking Monsters; A Covert Agenda; The FBI Files; Cosmic Crashes; Celebrity Secrets; Body Snatchers in the Desert; Monsters of Texas; Science Fiction Secrets; There’s something in the Woods; Strange Secrets, NASA Conspiracies and The Real Men in Black.

Nick has also appeared on numerous television shows and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory. Originally from England, Nick Redfern lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife, Dana. He can be contacted at www.nickredfern.com.

New Dawn magazine recently spoke to Nick about his latest book…

NEW DAWN (ND): What is Keep Out! about and what prompted you to write the book?

NICK REDFERN (NR): Keep Out! is a study of secret and off-limits installations with, chiefly, links to such issues as UFOs (crashed and otherwise), alien autopsies, exotic viruses, weather modification, as well as research into such fringe areas as teleportation, invisibility, and even time-travel.

ND: What is the truth about Area 51? Is it really home to crashed and recovered UFOs?

NR: Area 51 is actually just one of a number of areas on the US Air Force’s vast Nevada Test and Training Range (see satellite photo above). By 1955, a huge, 5,000-foot-long runway was constructed at the base, from where tests-flights and landings of the U-2 spy-plane were conducted. By the 1960s, the SR71 Blackbird aircraft became a staple ingredient of the research at Area 51. Then, in the late-1970s and throughout the 1980s, base-personnel were deeply engaged in perfecting Stealth technology.

In early 1989, a man named Bob Lazar claimed that, as a physicist, in late-1988 he was recruited into a Top Secret program at a section of Area 51 called S-4. It was an R&D effort that focused on nothing less than the analysis of nine spacecraft from other worlds. They operated on fantastically-advanced technological principles, and Lazar had seen the Holy Grail-like evidence for himself, he claimed. Despite warnings and less-than-veiled threats from Area 51 personnel never, ever to reveal what was afoot at the mysterious base, here was Lazar doing precisely that: spilling the beans to the world. To this day, Lazar has just about as many believers as he does detractors.

ND: Australia has one of the most secretive of all classified installations – Pine Gap. What goes on there?

NR: Pine Gap – officially titled the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap – is situated in central Australia, around 11-miles from the town of Alice Springs. Pine Gap is, ostensibly, described in careful terms by the Australian Government as a satellite-tracking station.

The origins of the facility can be traced back to 1966, the year in which the governments of Australia and the United States of America secretly signed what has become known as the Pine Gap Treaty. In simple terms, it allowed for the establishment, on Australian soil, of a highly-classified eavesdropping-themed facility that, for the most part would be manned by personnel from the US National Security Agency and CIA – and, of course, Australian personnel. Today, vast radomes – protective enclosures for radar-antenna – dominate the base, giving it a near-other-world appearance, and its number of employees is now rumoured to be close to one-thousand.

ND: Can you tell us about secret government activity deep within the depths of the London Underground rail-tunnels?

NR: England’s famous London Underground railway-system serves Greater London and parts of the surrounding counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It’s also the world’s oldest underground network of its type: services began on 10 January 1863 on the Metropolitan Railway. And while the overall Underground itself is not, of course, a secret location, it certainly has had more than its fair share of classified, off-limits sections during the course of its long and, literally, winding existence. Nor is it exactly a stranger to matters of official, government secrecy either.

According to some, however, the London Underground is home to much more than just tracks, trains and countless commuters: deep within, and far below, this sub-surface maze of dark and old tunnels, distinctly strange and terrible things are said to exist, including primitive “ape-man”-type creatures, so-called exotic “big cats,” a wide range of ghosts and spectres, and even a secret storage area for a crashed UFO.

ND: What have you found out about the alleged underground alien base at Dulce, New Mexico?

NR: Longstanding rumours suggest that an underground alien base exists within, and below, a massive mesa at Dulce, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Interestingly, we can prove there has been a wealth of weird activity in the area. For example, the FBI has officially declassified a large file on cattle-mutilations in the area. And, on 10 December 1967, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) detonated a 29-kiloton-yield nuclear device 4,240 feet below ground-level, in an attempt to provoke the release and, as a direct consequence, production of natural gas. Thus was born Gasbuggy: a program of an overall project known as Operation Plowshare, which, ostensibly, was designed to explore the peaceful uses of atomic-energy. Notably, the location of the Gasbuggy test – that covered an area of 640 acres – was New Mexico’s Carson National Forest, which just happens to be situated only twelve-miles from the town of Dulce. Today, people are forbidden from digging underground in that very area – which is very interesting in view of the underground base allegations.

ND: What is the link between the United States’ Fort Detrick, the post-9/11 Anthrax attacks, and the ‘War on Terror’?

NR: Only one-week after 9/11, anonymously-mailed envelopes containing anthrax-spores arrived at the offices of a variety of major media outlets, including the New York Post, CBS News and ABC News. The results were catastrophic: at least twenty-two people were infected, of whom five tragically lost their lives. It was a fraught situation that led the FBI to launch one of the biggest manhunts in its long and winding history.

Documentation that has surfaced via the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act shows that, by the early months of 2005, the FBI had a suspect firmly in mind. It was a man named Dr. Bruce Edwards Ivins, a microbiologist who had worked for the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland for no less than eighteen-years.

By 2007, Ivins became the subject of periodic-but-regular secret surveillance by the FBI. And it did not take the FBI long to build-up what was perceived by the Bureau as a very strong case against the man: in June 2008, Ivins was informed that prosecution for the anthrax attacks, as well as for the subsequent injuries and deaths, was almost certainly going to be forthcoming very soon. Ivins did not wait around to learn what the FBI had in store for him: on 27 July 2008 he died, as a result of a significant overdose of acetaminophen, a pain-reliever – a “suicide” that many in the field of conspiracy research view with great skepticism.

ND: Are government installations really secretly researching technology to change and modify the weather, and utilise the weather as a weapon of war, such as inducing earthquakes and hurricanes?

NR: On 28 April 1997, the then-US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, delivered the keynote speech at the University of Georgia-based Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and US Strategy, and intriguingly warned the audience that there were powerful, shadowy forces out there who were “engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of Electro-Magnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real.” So, yes, such research is undoubtedly being undertaken.

ND: Will you explain the links between official secrecy and off-limits areas within the Vatican?

NR: During the Second World War, the Nazis established what was, essentially, a puppet outfit in then-Croatia, called the Ustashi that was as relentless as it was ruthless in stealing gold and items of great value from the populace – to the extent that around $80 million was secured for Nazi military-programs.

Eventually a big problem surfaced: the Ustashi was reliant upon Germany for financial support, as well as for security and military aid. With the collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945, however, the now-alone Ustashi began to spiral downwards into splintered factions. Seeing the end as being near, its high-ranking officials hot-footed it to Italy, and ultimately got a warm welcome from Rome’s San Girolamo pontifical college. It almost certainly got significant monetary funding via the Ustashi, possibly even with Vatican assent and knowledge.

On 21 October 1946, one Harold Glasser, the Director of Monetary Research at the US Treasury Building in Washington, D.C., received a Top Secret communication from a certain Emerson Bigelow, who was himself an agent of the Treasury. Bigelow wrote that, from a reputable Italian informant, he learned that of the significant funds secured to fuel the Ustashi movement, no less than approximately 200 million Swiss Francs found their way to the Vatican and were held deep within its vaults for safe-keeping.

ND: Britain’s Porton Down is at the forefront of research into biological and chemical warfare, and exotic viruses. What is the link between the base and crashed UFOs and alien autopsies?

NR: On the night of 23 January 1974, a still-unresolved event occurred on the large Berwyn Mountains range in North Wales, United Kingdom that, for some within the UFO research community, has come to be known as the definitive British Roswell.

Researcher Andy Roberts stated of this mysterious affair, which would easily be worthy of the expert attention of Holmes and Watson: “The claim was that a UFO piloted by extraterrestrials crashed, or was shot down, on the mountain known as Cader Berwyn and that the alien crew, some still alive, were whisked off to a secret military installation in the south of England for study.”

That secret military installation was said to be none other than Porton Down, which is situated in the English county of Wiltshire, and from where official research is undertaken into exotic viruses, biological warfare, and chemical warfare. Of course, this sounds like a conspiracy theorists’ wildest dream come to life. But, despite vociferous attacks from the more skeptically-minded researchers in the UFO research community, it has steadfastly remained an integral part of the story ever since it first surfaced – publicly, at least – in 1996.

ND: What is the story of the Russian Area 51? Is it real?

NR: Better known as the Russian Area 51, Zhitkur is a highly secret installation built below a seemingly innocuous, small town in the region of Volgogradskaya Oblast. Stories emanating from former employees of the base tell of top secret studies of crashed UFOs – or, as we should perhaps term them, Russian Roswell’s. Darker accounts reveal the Russians are hard at work to try and develop deadly, terrifying, super-viruses at Zhitkur that will have the ability to lethally target specific races of people, while leaving others completely free of deadly infection. If true, this is, without doubt, a matter of major concern.

ND: Will you reveal the story of the alleged secret base on the far side of the Moon?

NR: As far back as the late-1950s, the US Army had a secret plan to build an outpost on the Moon: an impressively-sized, permanently-manned base that would demonstrate decisive military superiority over the former Soviet Union.

Even though the Army’s operation – code-named Project Horizon – was reportedly cancelled due to a lack of (a) adequate technology and (b) sufficient funding to achieve such a task nearly half-a-century ago, there are those who believe the project may not have been aborted at all, but secretly continued in distinct stealth. The result: the military may have a super-secret space program, about which NASA knows very little, or possibly even nothing at all. Is such a scenario just too incredible to be true? Just maybe it isn’t.

ND: How does the 2012 controversy tie-in with secret, government installations?

NR: For a number of years, dark rumours have circulated to the effect that government agencies are secretly working to build or revamp huge, underground realms to house senior, elite elements of the establishment who are aware that a worldwide, planetary upheaval will cause massive devastation on 21 December 2012, as gloomily predicted, many assert, centuries ago by the Mayans.

Some say Russia is pulling out all the stops to complete the construction of a multitude of underground survival facilities before 2012 hits us. One such base is buried deep within the Kosvinsky Mountains in the Urals. Rudimentary construction at the site was confirmed in the late-1970s by National Reconnaissance Office-controlled spy-satellites.

Today, matters have progressed significantly, and data recently collected by further US satellites suggests additional expansion in the last few years has been intense. The Kosvinsky site is now protected by around 1,000-feet of granite, and is a self-contained hub capable of comfortably housing in excess of 50,000 individuals.

ND: Can you explain what you uncovered about the so-called Montauk project?

NR: One of the truly strangest, many have said wholly outrageous, allegations that has been made within conspiracy-themed research circles, is that at a relatively-innocuous-looking location on Long Island, New York – originally called Camp Hero, and later renamed the Montauk Air Force Station – highly-classified research has, for decades, been undertaken into a dizzying array of far-out issues, including time-travel, teleportation, invisibility, mind-control, and much more.

Although many people scoff at such claims, I uncovered official files on many of these very issues, including Air Force programs to investigate if teleportation was feasible, and attempts to make aircraft invisible – literally.

ND: In your book, you talk about a number of secret installations on Puerto Rico linked with the Chupacabra and UFOs. Can you tell us more?

NR: On one of my several expeditions to Puerto Rico, a number of residents suggested it would be a very good idea for me to focus my attention upon the links between the Chupacabra and a former US Naval base called Roosevelt Roads, located in the town of Ceiba, but which is today the José Aponte de la Torre Airport.

As far back as 1944, when the base was inaugurated, it was rightly perceived as being a place of prime, strategic importance. By 1957, Roosevelt Roads had been officially designated as a Naval-Station. To demonstrate its importance from a military perspective, the US Naval Forces Southern Command had its base of operations at Roosevelt Roads.

According to the stories, which were coming from all across Puerto Rico, a number of captured, and very vicious, Chupacabra had supposedly been briefly held within a secure, secret facility at Roosevelt Roads at some point in the early-1990s, before being secretly shipped to the States. And that, to varying degrees, was the story told to me by numerous individuals on the island, which only makes it even more intriguing.

ND: What is your view on the theory that there are huge caverns and caves deep below the surface of the Earth, in which highly advanced beings exist?

NR: I don’t actually write this possibility off. A former US Air Force Intelligence operative named Walter Bosley made a highly valuable contribution to this matter. Bosley’s father served in the US Air Force in the late-1950s, on matters relative to the US space-program. Significantly, during the period of his employment with the military, Bosley Sr. received at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio – perhaps within the cosmic confines of the secret Hangar 18 – a classified briefing relative to the reported UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947.

Bosley said that by the time of his father’s briefing, the US Air Force had come to a startling conclusion: neither the strange aerial device nor the bodies found in the desert outside of Roswell at the time in question had alien origins. Very significantly, Bosley revealed, his father told him the entities and their craft come from inside our planet. Their civilisation supposedly resides within a huge, underground system of caverns and tunnels beneath the southwest portion of the United States.

ND: Do you believe that governments are intent on building more and more secret installations to prevent the public and the media from knowing what they are doing?

NR: Yes. In April 2011, extensive digging began at the White House – in the vicinity of the famous West-Wing. Ostensibly, the media was informed, the work was strictly renovation-based, and focused upon repairing and upgrading sewer-systems, water-pipes and electrical-systems. Such proclamations, however, were viewed somewhat skeptically by certain elements of the Washington press-corps. Although the East-Wing of the White House sits atop a hardened bunker designed to survive a nuclear-attack on the nation’s capital – it’s called the Presidential Emergency Operations Centre – the idea that the new work on the West-Wing was somehow linked to PEOC, and that elaborate tunnelling was being undertaken to expand, strengthen and deepen the facility, was openly scoffed at by White House officials and spokespersons. Some journalists suggested the White House scoffed just a little bit too much.

ND: You discuss in the book suspicious deaths of scientists in the field of microbiology who had links to secret sites? What did you find out about this?

NR: From the latter part of 2001 to the present day, literally dozens of individuals working within the elite field of microbiology – the study of bacteria and viruses, some of a lethal nature – in various countries around the world, have died under circumstances viewed as being extremely suspicious in nature. Here are just a handful of many such examples:

On 23 November 2001, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a former microbiologist for Bioreparat – a bio-weapons production facility that existed in Russia prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union – was found dead near his home in the county of Wiltshire, England; the county that just happens to be home to Porton Down, too. Pasechnik’s defection to Britain in 1989 revealed to Western intelligence services, for the very first time, the sheer extent and scale of the former-Soviet Union’s secret research into the field of biological-warfare, including anthrax.

Then, on 18 July 2003, David Kelly, a British biological-weaponry expert, fatally slashed his own wrists while out walking in woods near his home – or, at least, that was the official version of events, and the one much preferred by the British Government. In 1984, Kelly had been appointed as Head of Microbiology at Porton Down. In the autumn of 1989, he was called in to assist MI6 in debriefing none other than the aforementioned Vladimir Pasechnik.

On 3 July 2004, Dr. Paul Norman, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, was killed when the Cessna 206 aircraft he was piloting crashed in the English county of Devonshire. Dr. Norman just happened to be the Chief Scientist for Chemical and Biological Defense at Porton Down. Such deaths are still being reported into 2012.

ND: What do you hope that the publication of the book will achieve?

NR: I hope it will help to demonstrate that there are, all around the world, an absolute mass of top secret and off-limits installations where some pretty disturbing stuff is alleged to be going on. If crashed UFOs and dead aliens are being secretly stored away, if there are shadowy forces manipulating the weather for nefarious purposes, if microbiologists are being systematically assassinated, and if… well, the list goes on… then we need to know!

Nick Redfern’s new book Keep Out! Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About (New Page Books, 2011) is available from all good bookstores or via www.newdawnreviews.com.

The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 131 (March-April 2012).

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