UK Defense Secretary Loves War, Abhors Peace

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
UK Defense Secretary Loves War, Abhors Peace

by Stephen Lendman

Michael Fallon supports arms sales to despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Britain complicit in its aggression on Yemen – Obama's war, now Trump's. 

He's escalating it recklessly, the UK complicit in US/Saudi high crimes of war and against humanity in Yemen and other regional war theaters.

Fallon praised missile maker MBDA, calling the company a "role model" for business Britain seeks post-Brexit.

It's "strengthening the reputation of this country," he blustered. It has "a great reputation (for providing) sterling service."

Its expertise is mass slaughter and destruction, profiting from doing business with the devil, despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia – using terror weapons and toxic agents, supplying them to terrorists, raping Yemen, brutalizing its own people.

MBDA missiles are used to terror-bomb Yemeni schools, hospitals,
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