U.S. state of Arizona files consumer fraud lawsuit against Google

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News Story Source: https://news.trust.org/item/20200527221834-kijoa
"Google collects detailed information about its users, including their physical locations, to target users for advertising. Often, this is done without the users' consent or knowledge," Attorney General Mark Brnovich said https://twitter.com/GeneralBrnovich/status/1265770310508466183 in a tweet on Wednesday.

The suit comes as technology companies have been facing regulatory scrutiny globally over their policies and data monitoring practices.

"The Attorney General and the contingency fee lawyers filing this lawsuit appear to have mischaracterized our services. We have always built privacy features into our products and provided robust controls for location data", a Google spokesman said in an emailed statement.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and argues that the maker of the Android smartphone operating system had set its mobile software such that it deceived device owners about the protections afforded to their personal data.

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