Trump’s Deplorable First 100 Days

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Trump's Deplorable First 100 Days

by Stephen Lendman

Saturday, April 29, is his 100th day in office. He's off to a deplorable start, the worst likely ahead.

A White House press release (WHPR) turned truth on its head, praising what demands condemnation.

WHPR: Trump prioritized "putting America first (and) protecting national security…"

Fact: He's consistently put America first for its wealthy, powerful and privileged exclusively – no one else.

Fact: National security needs no special protection at a time America's only enemies are ones it invents – to destructively advance its imperium.

WHPR: Trump wants an additional $54 billion for so-called "defense."

Fact: He wants it for warmaking, toppling independent governments, and enriching war-profiteers.

WHPR: He "stood up to countries that have threatened our national security after years of failed diplomacy."

Fact: No
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