Trump Staffer Breaks Media Silence: Garrett Ziegler Exposes Biden Crime Family

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News Story Source:, by Stew Peters Show
It was a sham because we had mass mail-in voting, with legalized ballot harvesting and no serious way to verify a specific ballot was filled out by a specific person. It was a sham because the vote-counting took weeks when even genuine third world countries can do it in a single evening, and we could go on and on about internet-connected machines, boarded up windows at voting locations, poll-watchers denied access, sharpie discrepancies – I mean the list goes on and on. – And it was a sham because our press and big tech companies colluded to censor a critical news story in the final days of the vote.

Never, ever forget that.  A year ago, the press lied to you that Hunter Biden's laptop was a Russian disinformation plot. They had no evidence for this at all. It was a complete fabrication, told for the sole purpose of swinging the 2020 election. Facebook suppressed the story. Twitter banned sharing a link to it. It was a total blackout, unlike anything we've e
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