Trump Lashes Out Over Lagging NATO Spending – Pulls 9,500 Troops From Germany

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
Opinion polls in Germany have long shown that at least a near-majority of its public actually prefers US troops to leave, so despite US-Germany tensions reaching the point of White House ordering significant troop reductions from the country after a decades-long build up as part of Cold War era deals, we don't expect they'll be missed among the German public at least.

On Friday President Trump directed the Pentagon to withdraw 9,500 US troops from Germany by September, following years of the administration severely criticizing lack of enough military spending from its European ally.

The reduction will result in a new "cap" of 25,000 maximum troop levels in the country. The WSJ notes that "Under current practice, overall troop levels can rise to as high as 52,000 as units rotate in and out or take part in training exercises."

It's being seen as Trump's latest "lashing out" regarding the largely fai
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