Trump Is Right About Major Media Fake News

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Trump Is Right About Major Media Fake News

by Stephen Lendman

Deplorable media scoundrels deliver all fake news, all the time, on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Especially in times of war like now, journalism the way it should be is the first casualty – truth-telling considered anathema. Disinformation and Big Lies substitute.

So-called television news is an abomination, an embarrassment to air, carpet-bombing viewers with pure rubbish – deplorable hosts, reporters and commentators suppressing what's most important to explain.

What The NYT calls fit to print isn't fit to read. The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post's new motto "Democracy Dies in Darkness" belies its daily deluge of garbage – state-sponsored propaganda, not credible reporting.

Media scoundrels serve powerful special interests, betraying their readers and viewers, a disgrace to a profession practiced only by independent journalists – beho
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