Trump Declares Today ‘Loyalty Day’: to Remind Americans to Never Question Govt

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(Publisher: Didn't Trump just declare the U.S. Constitution "Archaic"?)

May 1, the president declared, should be a day "for the reaffirmation of loyalty" to the United States; and that fealty to this nation — obedient citizens are encouraged to display the Stars and Stripes — should usurp any recognition in unison with some 80 or so other countries of the struggles faced by workers around the world.

For as frighteningly nationalistic as the name implies, Loyalty Day is not Trump's brainchild.

In fact, once Loyalty Day garnered congressional approval in 1958, the oppressively patriotic holiday has been officially proclaimed by every president from Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959 through Barack Obama — Trump just carried on its pretext "intended to replace" International Workers' Day.

Interestingly, Loyalty Day's
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