Trump backs proposal to build border wall using solar panels

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News Story Source: Natural News
But the president has, at least, voiced his support for an environmentally-friendly border wall that will produce benefits for the U.S.: A wall design that incorporates solar panels.

As reported by Axios, during a meeting with Republican leaders in the White House on Wednesday, Trump briefly engaged lawmakers on the issue of the border wall, according to three people who said they had direct knowledge of what was discussed during the meeting. The president "floated the idea that the wall could be covered in solar panels, and the electricity generated used to pay for the cost" (so that Mexico won't have to…?).

The president said he had a vision of building a wall 40 feet to 50 feet high and covering it with solar panels so they would be "beautiful structures," according to sources. They also noted that Trump said most people associate the wall with being something like 15 feet high but not those he envisions. (RELATED: Another day
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